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Meeting Minutes 2015-09-23

Present: Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr P Davies, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Tania Murrell, Cllr Derek Moore

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Mr Chris Darken

427/3 Apologies

Cllr A Cruse

427/4 Declaration of Interests


427/5 Approval of the minutes held on 22nd July 2015

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

427/6 Action from last meeting

i.        Dog Fouling

Cllr Moore confirmed that dog fouling on the bridleway had deteriorated again. Fouling was seen on the pathway and not bagged. Clerk informed Council that WDBC no longer supplied free signage but had provided some stickers. It was agreed to increase the signage in the area. Cllr Davies agreed to copy and laminate stickers from WDBC and explore the option of more sustainable signs with Councillor Moore offering to erect the signs on the bridleway ACTIONS CLLR DAVIES & CLLR MOORE

ii.        Asset Register

Cllr Bell will be maintaining the asset register and Mr M Brewer has agreed to help with maintenance.

iii.        Newsletter

Newsletter completed and distributed. The Chair thanked all those that had helped in distributing the newsletter

iv.        Defibrillator

South Tawton had made decision to work in collaboration with another Parish who were applying for TAP funding for a third defibrillator. The Chair thought that the application may have been refused. Clerk agreed to explore whether the TAP application had been successful before Council had further discussions on a defibrillator for the village. ACTION CLERK

v.        Policies

Council discussed Freedom of information, Financial Regulations and Complaints Procedure. Clerk to make some small amendments for the meeting in November ACTION CLERK

vi.        Horse Chestnut Tree above Ladywell

It was agreed that the Council would take no further action on this at present

vii.        Verges

Council to define parameters of verges for maintenance during the tender process.

427/7 Matters arising

i.        Floral Improvements

Council discussed the option of introducing floral displays in the village in response to requests from members of the community. The Council discussed the costs, who would care for the displays and where they might be positioned. It was agreed the clerk would explore whether any monies was remaining from the Millennium fund. The Chair agreed to explore with members of the community the possibility of contributing time to the upkeep of displays. Cllr Moore agreed to maintain any floral display that was placed in the vicinity of his home.

Council discussed the issue of a blocked pipe at Ladywell. It was agreed that this could be a complex problem as it was suspected that the pipe maybe blocked by tree roots and the position of the roots maybe difficult and expensive to identify. It was agreed to explore the problem within the community to see if anyone had a further information about the blockage..  ACTION CLERK & CHAIR

ii.        Data Protection

The Council discussed its obligations under the Data Protection Act. It was agreed unanimously to register the Council with The Information Commissioner at a cost of £35.00 and the clerk to begin to draw up a data protection policy for the Council. It was acknowledged that data collected by websites was included. ACTION CLERK

iii.        Road Warden Scheme

The Council explored Devon County Council’s Road Warden Scheme. It was acknowledged that due to continuing cuts DCC would be carrying out less maintenance works such as gully clearing, road sign cleaning, trimming of verges and hedges as well as many other tasks. The road warden scheme formalises voluntary work in the community with the road warden identifying areas of work and then organising volunteers to carry out required tasks. The areas of concern council raised were the level of work and responsibility such a position would entail, the training that would be required and where the legal responsibility lay for volunteers and the public liability aspect of the scheme. It was agreed that if such a scheme were to be promoted in the village considerable support would be needed for the volunteers by the Council. It was agreed that Cllr Moore would explore this scheme in more depth with DCC. ACTION CLLR MOORE

iv.        Transparency Act

The Council considered in depth its future obligations in respect of the Transparency Code. It was recognised that while offering greater transparency and community engagement with the work of the council it required the council to consider a number of issues.

The Council agreed unanimously that draft minutes would be placed on the website and notice board within four weeks of a Council meeting and prior to them being approved at a Council meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk would send minutes out for council’s comments prior to them being made public.

The Council explored the use of the community website for council documents. The transparency code will in the future require council to place considerably more documents in the public domain and that these documents will need to be continually updated therefore a greater access to a site may be required. The Council agreed that having a presence on a community website for everyday paperwork such as minutes and agendas was also desirable.

Council discussed the possible need for equipment and funding to pay for the uploading of documents. NALC are offering a grant to assist councils and it was agreed that an application would be essential. Council agreed to explore options for website with the web master between now and next meeting in November ACTION CLLRS BELL , MURRELL AND MOORE

427/8 Planning

15/0035 Sticklepath Conservation Area: Proposed Tree works, Tawside House.

The approval was noted

427/9 Finance

i.            Balances and Budgetary figures were tabled

The following payments were approved

Mrs S Hood           Salary     2 months                             £200.00

Mr E Kingdom       Grass Cutting                                     £300.00

ii.        Audit

The Clerk confirmed that the Audit had been received back. The external auditor had noted:

‘The figures for 31st March 2014 in boxes 2 and 3 have been restated from the figures presented on the 2014 Annual Return following the other matters noted in last year’s external auditors report. The column that has been reinstated should have the word reinstated inserted beneath the £ symbol’

427/10 Correspondence received

i.        DALC   Invitation to AGM & Conference  – 15th October 2015 Invitation noted.

Next Meeting

25th November 2015

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