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Meeting Minutes 2015-07-22

Present: Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr P Davies, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Tania Murrell, Cllr Derek Moore

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk)

426/6 Apologies

Cllr A Cruse

426/7 Declaration of Interests


426/8 Approval of the minutes held on 13th May 2015

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

426/9 Council Membership

Cllr V Loader signed the declaration of acceptance

426/10 Action from last meeting

i.        Dog Fouling

Cllr Moore had sought public opinion on the issue of dog fouling. An article had appeared in The Beacon. It was suggested that some local dog owners were responsible rather than visitors, but there was also evidence that other local dog walkers were acting responsibly. It was clear from discussions with dog walkers that many appeared to complete a circular trip and there was enthusiasm for bins at Billy Green and the Bridge. It appears that the problem has diminished over the last few months.

The Council explored the option of an additional bin. The Clerk reported her conversation with West Devon Borough Council. The bin would have to be situated at the start or end of the footpath, bins could not be emptied further up the paths or too far from the road. The Council preference is for a normal litter bin rather than a specific dog bin, the reason being that both contents go to the same place and it is more pleasant for officials to empty a mixed bin rather than all dog faeces.  An additional bin would incur further costs to the Parish

The Council looked at a range of bins with a range of costs. The costs with fixing would be in the hundreds. The Council agreed to monitor the situation over the summer and review the situation in September as the situation had appeared to improve. The Clerk agreed to contact West Devon Borough Council to obtain some new signs.   ACTION CLERK

ii.        Sticklepath Moor

Ian Brooker reported that all those he had contacted with registered rights to the moor had declined the offer of grazing rights at this stage. He has spoken to DNPA legal adviser who has indicated that grazing agreement could be offered to someone who did not hold grazing rights under certain circumstances. He will explore this further if he is unsuccessful with the remainder of his contacts.

427/0 Matters arising

i.        Outgoing Chair

The Chair took the opportunity to thank Cllr Cruse for her work as Chair over previous years. The Council agreed that Cllr Cruse had contributed greatly to the running of the council and community and always responded in a fair and measured way. The Chair went on to thank those councillors who re-stood at the recent election and Cllr Murrell and Moore who were recently co-opted

ii.        Asset Register

Cllr Bell agreed to undertake this responsibility but will approach Malcolm Brewer to see if he wished to continue assisting the Parish in this role.

iii.        Links Meeting

Cllr Cruse offered to attend Links meeting when relevant to the Parish.

iv.        Community Speed Check

The Chair reported to Council a conversation she had had with a representative from the police on speeding in the village. She had explored with her the option of community speed checks however the representative indicated that volunteers would have to go through significant training which may be excessive for the parish’s need. The representative agreed to re monitor the speed issue in Sticklepath Parish and report back to the Chair. The Council discussed the ongoing issues of speeding within the parish. Cllr Loader indicated that the evidence is that locals are more likely to speed than visitors. Cllr Davies reminded councillors of the comments made by PCSO Dunstan-Moore that if members of the community witness speeding that they can note down the number and report to the police. Action may not be taken immediately but may help police to build up a picture and identify persistent offenders in the area.

v.        Newsletter

The Council agreed to produce a newsletter this year. To be published prior to the next meeting in September. It was agreed to include:

  • Playing field report
  • Community Road warden scheme
  • Information about the Village Shop
  • Financial restraints on WDBC & County Council and impact on communities
  • Parking
  • Defibrillator
  • Future Leat Clearing
  • Dog fouling

vi.        Defibrillator

The Council agreed that they would be interested in working with South Tawton in a TAP fund application. It was agreed that Clerk would explore the British Heart Foundation option and contact South Tawton ACTION CLERK

vii.        Robin Brindley

The Chair and Council expressed their condolences on the death of Robin Brindley, a former Clerk to the Council, and expressed their gratitude for his contribution over many years to the Council and the community.

viii.        The Village Shop

The Council believe that the shop will be re opening under new management.

ix.        Verges

Cllr Cruse requested that the Council consider adding a strip of land at 1 Grove Meadow (on the corner by Ladywell), the strip of land between the pavement and the property fences, which runs down towards Bowdens’ gardens to the council schedule of works as this does not appear to be being cut. The Clerk approached the contractor who currently cuts the verges. The Council discussed the quote and requested that the clerk approach contractor and negotiate the quote. It was also suggested by Cllr Davies that the Council could approach a local resident to take on this area ACTION CLERK

x.        Policies

Council considered drafts of new financial regulations, freedom of information act and complaints policy. Clerk to redraft policies following Council discussion.

Cllr Murrell raised the issue of community engagement. Council explored the possibilities of using Village website to receive feedback and comments from the community. Cllr Bell to explore technical possibilities ACTION CLLR BELL

xi.        Oaktree Green

The Chair reported that she had spoken to WDBA who are responsible for the maintenance of Oaktree Green and expressed the Council’s dissatisfaction in the standard of maintenance. The authority confirmed they had taken the matter up with their contractor and would monitor their performance.

xii.        Weed spraying

The council has the option to re spray late August/early September. Council decided to not re spray at this point. Clerk to contact contractor ACTION CLERK

xiii.        Town and Parish Training

Training available for Councillors from WDBC. Cllr Murrell expressed an interest and will contact Clerk if she would like to attend

xiv.        Horse Chestnut Tree

Following the removal of the Horse Chestnut tree the Council explored the option of replacing the tree, the type of tree and whether a replacement was necessary. It was agreed to engage with the community as to its views on a replacement tree.

427/1 Planning

i.        Application

15/0032 Sticklepath Conservation Area: Propose Tree works, Tawside House

Council confirmed they had no objections to proposal

ii.        Approvals

Consent was noted for

0193/15 Mill House Sticklepath Remove cement render on front elevation and replace with a lime based material

0255/15 Tawleat Sticklepath Remove cement render on front elevation and replace with a lime based material

427/2 Finance

i.        Balances and Budgetary figures were tabled

ii.        The following payments were approved

Mrs S Hood           Salary     2 months                                         £200.00

Mrs S Hood           Administration costs                                       £22.39

TAP Fund                                                                                     £1,010.00

Mrs T Padfield      Bus shelter                                                      £50.00

E Kingdom           Grass cutting                                                   £324.00

DALC                    Training                                                           £60.00

Cllr A Cruse         Refreshments Annual Parish Meeting              £10.85

No second signatory present at meeting. Cllr Matthews to obtain second signature outside of meeting before forwarding cheques to the Clerk

Next Meeting

23rd September 2015

25th November 2015

6th January 2016

Meeting closed 22.00

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