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Meeting Minutes 2014-12-02

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Philip Davies, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr V Loader

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk)

421/5 Approval of the minutes held on 12th November 2014

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

421/6 Apologies

Cllr Malcolm Brewer

421/7 Declaration of Interest


421/8 Reports

Cllr Barns updated the council on Eastern Links Meeting. Sticklepath have been awarded 80% of the requested funds for tree works in the playing field. The council discussed options to make up the shortfall for the works required including exploring other grant options.

Cllr Barns reported that the County proposal for the road warden scheme is apparently going ahead despite reservations at previous Eastern Link meetings. There is a Super link meeting on the 8th December if any Councillors are interested in attending

421/9 Action from last meeting

420/7 Risk assessment

It was resolved to adopt the risk assessment.

430/6 Sticklepath Moor Task

It was agreed to change the date of the Sticklepath Moor task as requested by Ian Brooker to Sunday 18th January.  A back up date of 1st February 2104 was agreed.

420/7 Willey Lane

Email was received by clerk from Highways. It has been suggested by highways that a site visit with Parish Councillor may be of use. Cllr Bell agreed to liaise with Highways and co ordinate a meeting ACTION CLLR BELL

420/7 Tap Fund

Item discussed at 421/8

420/9(b) 30mph flashing sign

Clerk has emailed department and raised Councils concerns.

420/9 (c) Remembrance Sunday

A donation to be made towards the end of the financial year.

420/9 (e) Sandbags & salt

The clerk has ordered both sand and salt and liaised with snow warden Mr Wakely.

421/10 Action bought forward by Chair

Ian Brooker has contacted the Chair to raise awareness of a tree that has fallen in to the river and which may cause flooding. The Chair to investigate ACTION CHAIR

Leat Village Day

The Chair reported that the day had been a success with contributions from the community. It was agreed that the event should be annual event.

422/0 Finance

The balances and budgetary figures were presented. The following payments were approved:

Mrs S Hood            Salary           £100.00

422/1 Budget

The council entered part two business

The council left part two business

422/2 Planning

14/0046 – Sticklepath Conservation Area: Proposed Tree Works, Tawside House

The council were informed of the decision not to apply a tree preservation order.

422/3 Date of next meeting – 6th January 2014

The meeting ended at 20.55

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