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Meeting Minutes 2014-07-22


Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Philip Davies, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Val Barns, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Malcolm Brewer

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Emma Bell

415/10 Apologies None

416/1 Approval of the minutes held on: 3rd June 2014. Minutes approved and signed as correct record.

416/2 Declaration of interests None

416/3 Council Membership
a)     Co-option

Emma Bell asked to be considered for the current vacant position on the Council.

Emma Bell left the meeting.

Discussion took place on two interested parties – Emma Bell and Fred Madders. Cllr Alison Cruse proposed Emma Bell be co-opted onto the Council. This was seconded by Cllr Val Barns and approved unanimously by the Council.

Emma Bell returned to the meeting and was invited to take up the role of Councillor with immediate effect. Cllr Cruse welcomed her onto the Parish Council

416/4 Actions from last meeting

415/6b Newsletter

Newsletter completed and distributed for delivery by councillors

415/7a Balance Sheet

It was agreed to continue with balance sheets

415/7b Insurance


415/8b Western Power Box

In place at village shop

416/4 Asset register

Cllr Brewer has carried out maintenance on village seats and swing frame. Cllr Bell raised the issue of the dead tree in the playing field. It was suggested that a replacement tree be explored with STOC. ACTION CHAIR

Cllr Bell raised the issue of overgrown trees around the park and suggested they may benefit from crown lifting. It was hoped this would improve the light in that area and make the area look tidier. It was suggested Robert O’Bryen may be able to offer some advice, it was agreed to approach him. ACTION CLLR BELL.

Cllr Brewer requested the key to the bin in the playing field. It was agreed there was no key. Cllr Matthews will advise technique to open bin ACTION CLLR MATTHEWS

Maintenance carried out on picnic tables. One appears to have suffered some damage; this may be due to moving when grass cutting carried out.

416/5 Matters arising
a)     Emergency flood plan. Survey completed. 5th September has been suggested to re convene the working party with the National Trust. It was agreed it would be beneficial to hold a meeting with parishioners prior to this meeting to gauge their responses and expectations for the future work. Cllr Davies will attempt to have working party meeting moved and organise a meeting for interested parties. ACTION CLLR DAVIES

b)    Tap funding A discussion was held about the distribution of Tap funding following joint projects with Samford Coutney and South Tawton. It was agreed that the Chair would contact South Zeal Scouts to further explore a mutually satisfactory outcome. ACTION CHAIR

c)     Verges The clerk drew the council attention to the recent grass cutting programme from Devon County Council. It was raised that a number of complaints had been made recently as to the state of the verges. A member of the public had asked to cut an area local to his property. The council were supportive of this but unsure as to the Council standing in respect of insurance. The clerk will explore this with insurance company. ACTION CLERK

d)    Willey lane The clerk read response from highways. In summary highways were unable at present to do substantial repairs as the area is of insufficient priority. It has agreed to place the area on a patching schedule for 2015. The council were concerned that highways had reviewed the wrong area. Clerk to make enquiry.

Steddifords was highlighted as a potential problem. It was agreed to monitor and review during the winter months and add to December agenda. ACTION CLERK

e)     Training The clerk requested the council to fund training for budget/precept DALC training day and requested the council supported an application for a bursary from NALC for the clerk to self fund a place on CiLA intensive day. Both requests were agreed.

f)     Contract Clerk contract was signed

g)    HGV Survey in progress and to be reviewed in September.

h)     Methodist Church Clock. Responsibility ambiguous. It was agreed that there was no evidence that responsibility for clock lay with the Council. It was agreed that the

Council request that any purchaser take responsibility for the maintenance of the clock. The Chair will outline this in a letter. ACTION CHAIR

i)      Playing Field Cllr Matthews raised the issue of a hawthorn bush that has become overgrown just inside of the playing field gate. Cllr Bell agreed to carry this out during preparation for village day. The Chair and the Clerk received responses from the letter sent concerning the exercising of dogs in the playing field. It was hoped that this was now resolved. It was requested that insurance be obtained for Village Day and Beating the Bounds. Clerk to obtain. ACTION CLERK

417/6 Finance
a)     Balances and Budgetary figures were tabled.
b)    The following payments were approved:

Cllr Malcolm Brewer (maintenance) – £10.59

Clerk Sam Hood (salary) – £100.00

Clerk Sam Hood (salary August post dated) – £100.00

GRASS CARE (grass cutting) – £110.00

DALC (training) – £30.00

Mrs Padfield (cleaning of bus shelter) – £50.00


(Invoice dated 07.07.14) For 2x cuts – £110.00

(Invoice dated 17.07.14) For 1x cut + Billy Green – £85.00

Cllr M Brewer (Maintenance) – £10.59

Cllr V Barns Newsletter costs – £18.90

c)     Tenders

The tender for weed spraying submitted by Mr T Sanderson was discussed. It was agreed that works carried out now would be less effective due to the lateness in the year. It was agreed to ask for the tender to be held over until spring 2015 and to consider two sprays with the money saved this year. Clerk to write to Mr Sanderson ACTION CLERK

417/7   Planning Correspondence 0261/14 Proposed conversion of barn to holiday let and creation of new access, parking area and curtilage at Barn Coombe Head Farm, Tongue End, Okehampton Withdrawn

417/8 Correspondence DNPA Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

417/9 Date of next meeting
10TH September 2014

Meeting ended at 21.20

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