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Meeting Minutes 2014-09-10

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Philip Davies, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Val Barns, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr Malcolm Brewer

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk),

417/10 Apologies: None

418/1 Approval of the minutes held on 22nd July 2014 and extraordinary meeting held on 31st July 2014

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

418/2 Declaration of interests None

418/3 Council Membership

It was noted for the minutes that due to there being no changes to circumstances, Councillor Bell would retain her previous declaration of interest form.

418/4 Actions from last meeting

416/4 Crown lifting of trees in playground

Councillor Davies presented tree survey and quote from Mr R. O’ Bryen to crown lift 14 small leaf lime trees including obtaining consent from Dartmoor National Park.  Councillor Bell presented a quote for crown lifting lime trees in playground from Mr I. Brett. The cost of such a project was discussed. It was agreed that it would be considered in 2015/16 budget discussion. It was suggested by Councillor Bell that the cost could be included in future funding applications for the playing field or alternatively through joint partnership with neighbouring parish in a TAP fund application.

Councillor Davies agreed to write to Mr O’Bryen and inform him of the council’s discussion. ACTION CLLR DAVIES

416/5a Leat Survey

Meeting is organised for the 17th September in Sticklepath Village Hall. Councillor Davies thanked the Chair, Alison Cruse for contacting via leaflets, residents that are affected by repairs to the Leat.

416/5b Tap Funding

The Chair has contacted the Chairman of South Zeal Scouts and is waiting a formal response

416/5c Insurance for voluntary help in the parish

The clerk outlined response from insurance company in respect of volunteers. The parish insurance covers volunteers provided a risk assessment has been completed, adequate guidance has been given and that high visibility clothing is utilised   It was agreed to prepare a risk assessment for strimming of verges. CLLR BELL & CLERK TO ACTION

416/5d Willey lane

The Clerk advised the Council that Highways had acknowledged they had assessed the incorrect site and will assess the correct site at some future date. CLERK TO ACTION

416/5i Insurance for Village Day & Beating the Bounds

This was obtained. Councillor Bell reported that Village Day had been a great success. It had raised £905.00. £180.00 had been passed to Jack and Jill playgroup.

Beating the Bounds was also a success. 44 people participated.

417/6 c Tender for weed spraying

Letter sent to Mr Sanderson requesting that he hold quote for this year’s spraying until next year. The Clerk reported that there had been no reply.

416/4 Tree for playing field.

STOC had agreed to donate a new tree. The old tree has been removed. The previous tree had been a Liquid Amber but this was not available at present. A Walnut had been suggested.  A discussion was held around the appropriateness of a Walnut. The Chair would research walnut to be certain that it was suitable for children’s playing field. ACTION CHAIR

418/5 Asser Register

The trim trail has some cracks in the wood. It was suggested that the wood be treated but there was concern that this would invalidate warranty. Councillor Bell will assess ACTION CLLR BELL

Picnic tables have been re varnished

Bus shelters have been repainted.

The Jubilee seat under the notice board has some wear on the slats underneath but they remain sound.

The plaque on Billy Green has been replaced.

418/6 Actions brought forward by Chair None

418/7 Matters arising

a)     Way leaves  It was agreed that the way leaves could be paid directly in to parish bank account  ACTION CLERK

b)    Tap Fund Councillor Barns had attended Eastern Links meeting. Tap funding had been discussed. Money was still available from the fund but parishes felt they were constrained by being unable to submit repeat projects. It was suggested to councils that they consider submitting repeat projects. With this in mind the council considered weed spraying and tree works as partnership projects with neighbouring parishes. It was agreed to approach  South Tawton. Councillor Barns to approach. ACTION CLLR BARNS

c)     Traffic Survey The survey has produced a considerable amount of data which the Chair is analysing and will present at October meeting  ACTION CHAIR

d)    Speeding Following the discussion held with PCSO Danielle Moore-Dunstan on 3rd June 2014. It was agreed that speeding still presented an issue within the community. A discussion was held as to the way forward. It was agreed to explore the option of a mini roundabout at the junction of Skaigh Lane and the old A30 by Ladywell.   The Chair to instigate discussion with Devon Highways. ACTION CHAIR

e)     Road Closure Councillor Matthew raised concerns that the Parish had not been informed of the A30 closure on two occasions despite the fact that Sticklepath had been included in the diversion. It has been agreed in the past that the parish would receive advance notice. The Chair will contact Devon Highways for an explanation. ACTION CHAIR

f)      Access to Parish Notice board Issue raised by a member of the community. Notice board difficult to read as the bench sits in front of the board. Councillor Brewer will explore options to move bench. ACTION  CLLR BREWER.

g)    Planning Committee It was discussed whether it would be useful to have a planning committee to deal with application that fall between meetings. A committee would require a Chair & vice chair and require at least 3 members. It was decided that there were few benefits over calling an extraordinary meeting. Clerk agreed to create pro forma minute sheet for meetings that she does not attend and will check hard copy paperwork and that which is online to compare content level. It was agreed not to create planning committee at this time. ACTION CLERK

h)    Community Council of Devon – Membership. Discussion around merits of membership. Parish already member of DALC which provide advice. Council considered full details of benefits. It was agreed not to take up membership at this stage.

418/8 Finance

a)     Balances and Budgetary figures were tabled.
b)    The following payments were approved:

·         Mrs S Hood        Salary                                                                                 £100.00

·         Mrs S Hood        Reimbursement (insurance for village day)                        £44.10

·         Grant Thornton   Audit Fee                                                                            £150.00

·         Grass Care        August cut playing field                                                       £55.00

c)     Audit It was confirmed that the completed audit had been returned from the external auditors. Notice to be placed in parish notice board for 14 days ACTION CLLR BREWER

418/9 Meeting attended

Councillor Barns attended Eastern link meeting Details in 418/7 b of tap funding discussion. She highlighted a suggestion that was made that communities would like to consider self help in road maintenance. She reported that this was rejected. Other discussions included delivering democracy locally including working in partnerships and the purpose of the links meeting.

418/10 Planning None

419/1 Compliance

a)     It was proposed to adopt a revision of standing order 3(l) & 3(m) in response to the   Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 and furthermore to adopt and display a protocol for the filming and recording of parish meetings. This was unanimously agreed.

b)    It was proposed to adopt a revised Code of Conduct in accordance with changes from West Devon Borough Council. This was unanimously agreed

c)     It was proposed to post both revised Code of Conduct, Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 & protocol for filming and recording on the village website. This was unanimously agreed. ACTION CLERK

419/2 Correspondence

Correspondence was placed on the table for councillor’s interest. No Parish Councillor was able to attend Civic Service. It was agreed the clerk would send apologies. ACTION CLERK

Date of next meeting
12TH November 2014

Meeting ended at 8.55pm

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