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Meeting Minutes 2013-03-06

Kate Taylor provided all present with up-to-date maps of village locations with possible risk of flash flooding.  She believes the risk exists here due to the’ steepness of the valley’ and ‘impermeable granite geology’. Current data supplied by the Environment Agency suggests that up to 50 properties (those outlined in blue on map) are at risk of flash flooding.

Kate emphasised that the Emergency Services prioritise ‘risk to life’ in terms of response, and areas with less risk to life are more likely to need their own emergency plan. She explained that her aim is to work with communities with potential flood risks and to come up with community flood plans. Sticklepath does not currently have an Emergency Plan specifically in relation to flooding, however we do have a general emergency plan and Kate suggested possibly tapping into the snow warden scheme as part of this.

Cllr Brewer presented his collected rainfall data for the last two years. Rainfall has been significant in recent months; the Met Office reported that 2012 was the second wettest year on record, and no flooding to property within the village has been reported.

It was mentioned that only 3 to 4 properties within the village would realistically be at risk from flooding. Cllr Cruse formally contested the map and asked for it to be remodelled. It was stressed that residents are being adversely financially impacted by this map produced by the Environment Agency.

Having walked a tour through the village with Councillors prior to this evening’s meeting, Kate stated that she will now take information back to Mapping Officers at the Environment Agency, suggesting a remapping of the village taking into account the height of properties above river level. She stressed that she will keep in touch and report back her findings. She will also seek out any historical property flooding data and the parameters used in modelling the map. She suggested that individual properties at risk of flooding could be pointed towards the Environment Agency website, where advice exists. It was mentioned that potential flood risk due to field run off could be the result of poor drain maintenance. Kate suggested a brief flood plan could be useful for the village. AC thanked Kate and Tony for attending.


  • Cllr Bell reported that the architect is currently in the process of drawing up plans for the shelter.
  • Mant Leisure is still awaiting delivery of the parts for Pondo swing before the repairs can begin.
  •  Lottery Funding- Trim trail costs have been estimated at approx £10000. EB is to provide AC with quotes in order for the application to proceed. Match funding is not required.
  • Cornish Mutual Community Scheme- decided to enter the competition. Details to follow.
  • The next quiz date is now provisionally set for Friday 3rd May, to be confirmed. £25 per table of four, to include entry and food.
  • Next meeting scheduled for Monday 1st April.
  • An article is due to be placed in The Beacon to promote the fundraising work and the need for more funds.
  • A Waitrose Community Matters application is ongoing.

Cllr Brewer continues to carry out the monthly inspection of Parish assets. He also carried out recent repairs to the Old Bus Shelter – cleaning the algae off and treating the wood. It was noted that over 40 molehills have appeared in the playing field! The bench seats here would benefit from varnish at some point in future.

The timetable is due to change in the middle of April. An early morning and mid afternoon bus have been gained and there have been improvements to the weekend schedule too. The new timetable will be distributed by Councillors to the shop, pubs and bus shelters, at the bus company’s request. It was requested that a link be added on the village website directly to the bus timetables.

This year’s tenders were decided upon:

  • The cutting of the verges at the Okehampton end of village (around Ladywell on both sides of the road) when instructed. To be priced per cut.
  • The cutting of the Playing Field, a maximum of 12 cuts spread between April and Sept, subject to conditions and left tidy. To include strimming around play equipment as required. To be priced per cut.
  • The cutting of grass in the area known as Billy Green, when instructed. To be priced per cut.
  • The weekly cleaning of two bus shelters.
  • Tenders to be received by Friday 29th March

The date was set for Wednesday 8th May, with the Parish Council Meeting to follow on the same evening. Clerk to invite Ian Brooker, WPC, Cllr Bill Cann, and Cllr James McKinnes,

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