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Meeting Minutes – 2018-11-07


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 7 November 2018 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.

Cllr Cruse (Chairperson), Cllr Bell, Cllr Grubb, Cllr Sales, Cllr Daniel and Cllr Loader.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
1 member of the public.

461/1    Apologies
Cllr Moore due to illness.

461/2    Public participation
The public participation session is not considered part of the meeting and, as such, is not minuted.

461/3    Approval of the minutes of meeting held 3 October 2018.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.

461/4    Declaration of Interests

461/5    Matters carried forward
5.1   Verge Management – South Tawton PC have recently had the verge between Trafalgar Lodge and Ford Cross cut and will be having it cut 4 times a year. We declined contributing to the cost as we have insufficient room in our budget and it is outside of our Parish.
5.2   Parking Oak Tree Park/Willey Lane – There appears to have been an improvement as vehicles are not parking on the junctions with Willey Lane and the cul-de-sac. Occasionally, vehicles still park close to the main road junction/across the dropped kerb – those vehicles tend to belong to residents outside Oak Tree Park or to visitors. Situation to be monitored and Clerk will put leaflets on vehicles which park close to main road junction. Review in 6 months.
5.3   Okehampton Parkway Halt/Railway station – Cllr Cruse to write to DCC.

461/6   Planning
6.1  0550/18 – Advance sign, land adjacent to playing field – Parish Council’s application for a sign for the playing field. Cllr Grubb reported that, despite a negative response from DNPA to the pre-app, they are now prepared to support our application for a metal sign.
6.2   18/0067 – Proposed tree works, Taw Meadow – support application to reduce lateral branches.
6.3   18/0059 – proposed tree works 5 Steddaford Court – to note no tree preservation placed on tree.
6.4  0490/18 Heather Cottage – to note conditional consent granted.

461/7    Finance
7.1   Accounts and Budget figures were circulated prior to meeting. As at 5.11.18 – Lloyds Bank £9,516.67 Nat West account £102.41
7.2   The following payments were approved, all, except payment to Lloyds Bank account, to be paid online – set up by Clerk, approved by Cllr Bell:
Mrs L Rowlands – Salary (Nov) – £168.88
WDBC  – Bins Apr to Sept 2018 –  £123.24
WDBC  – Oak Tree Park Seat  – £ 1.00
West Country Grounds Maint  – Playing field grass cutting x 6 –  £360.00
Ink Print  – Newsletter printing –  £ 35.00
Sticklepath PC  – Transfer funds to Lloyds from Nat West  – £102.41
Community Heartbeat Trust –  Defibrillator emergency telephone  – £ 52.00
Community Heartbeat Trust  – Defibrillator supplies  – £ 13.00

461/8    Matters Arising
8.1   Meeting dates for 2019 – agreed. Clerk to book village hall. ACTION: CLERK
8.2   Remembrance Day – arrangements in place for service on Sunday 11th November 3pm at the Village Hall.
8.3  Emergency Plan review – Cllr Bell and Mike Johns to review. c/f January 2019. ACTION: CLLR BELL
8.4  Data Protection Act/GDPR – Resolved to adopt the Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice for Staff, Councillors and Volunteers.
8.5   Plymouth and SW Devon Local Plan review – to note this is nearing completion. As our parish falls almost entirely within DNPA for planning purposes, it has no direct impact on us.
8.6   DNP Management Plan – public survey online which closes 30 November. Clerk has put a post on village website for residents.
8.7   Eastern Links – Cllr Daniel attended meeting in September. Topics covered were: police crime statistics, Communities Together Fund – still funds available, Waste and Recycling rates are up, West Devon is seen as a good model to the rest of the country, public toilets – WDBC need to save £50,000 and are proposing to close several public toilets. Cllr Daniel hopes to attend the next meeting on 15 November.

461/9   Chair’s Actions
Cattle in Skaigh Valley – reports of a herd of cows behaving aggressively towards walkers. They have now been moved to another area by the farmer.
1 new residents’ letter delivered.

461/10   Dates to note
Eastern Links – 15 November – Cllr Daniel to attend
22 November – Community Resilience Forum
5 December – DNP Local Plan Consultation workshop – Cllr Sales to attend
6 December – Okehampton Edwardian Evening – Cllr Cruse to attend.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 5 December 2018 – 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 8.05pm

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