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Meeting Minutes – 2018-09-12

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 12 September 2018 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.

Cllr Cruse (Chairperson), Cllr Moore, Cllr Bell, Cllr Grubb and Cllr Daniel.
In attendance: Lois Rowlands (Clerk). Cllr Derek Webber, DNPA Representative
2 members of the public.

459/1    Apologies
Cllrs Loader and Sales.

459/2    Public participation
The public participation session is not considered part of the meeting and, as such, is not minuted.

459/3    Approval of the minutes of meeting held 18 July 2018.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.

459/4    Declaration of Interests

459/5    Matters carried forward
5.1   Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) – Cllr Moore had circulated a report which is available on the village website. We are likely to keep the VAS for more than 6 weeks as Drewsteignton are not ready to use it yet. The equipment is raising queries and comments from members of the public. Effectiveness and observations will be monitored/recorded over the next 6 months. Clerk confirmed unit is insured and is awaiting inter-parish agreement from Drewsteignton. c/f October
5.2   Village Gateways – Cllr Moore advised still no date for manufacture of the gates. The recent Beacon article has produced 2 volunteers to dig holes and erect the posts. Cllr Grubb confirmed planning situation and due to size and position of the gateways, planning consent is not required. c/f October
5.3   Village Day – Cllr Bell reported takings were similar to last year, despite having less attenders than last year. Cllr Cruse wished to express the Council’s thanks to Cllr Bell for organising the event.
5.4   Highways issues at Eastern end of village – Clerk has heard from Highways. No expected date for completion of the signs by contractor. Patch repairs to footpath but permanent repairs will be carried out next year. A report has been received concerning foliage overgrowing the path opposite Trafalgar Lodge. Regarding footpath and overgrown shrubs alongside the derelict house (Moorland View) – these issues are being caused by the property owners neglecting the property which has now fallen into a state of serious disrepair. Cllr Webber to investigate matter with DNPA planning department regarding the property now being classed as “Abandoned” and Clerk to contact WDBC Environmental Health. ACTION: CLERK
5.5   Playing Field Sign – Cllr Grubb confirmed he has submitted advert signage application to DNPA. He has also served notice on the landowners. He will monitor and report on decision by DNPA. ACTION: CLLR GRUBB

459/6    Planning
6.1 0252/18 – 7 Oak Tree Park – noted conditional planning consent granted.

459/7 Finance
7.1   Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Nat West account £7,701.08, reserve account £0.11, Lloyds Bank £172.20.
7.2   Banking Arrangements – as Lloyds account now open, all payments to be made from that account. Cheque for balance of Nat West to be paid into Lloyds. Councillors agreed all future payments should be made by bank transfer where possible. Also, set up direct debit for Information Commissioner’s Office for annual fee as it is £5 a year less.
7.3   The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (Aug/Sept) £337.76
Mrs L Rowlands Stationery, ink, stamps £ 37.47
Mrs T Padfield Bus shelter cleaning £ 50.00
Mr P Grubb DNPA Planning Fee £ 66.00
Information Commissioner’s Office Annual Data Protection Fee £ 35.00
Sticklepath PC (from Nat West) Transfer of funds £7,701.08
Cllr Cruse to approve online payments and direct debit.

459/8    Matters Arising
8.1   Councillors Roles – Various roles were filled. Clerk to circulate completed document.
8.2   Open Gardens – Cllr Cruse confirmed that, as PC insurance would not cover risks on individual property owners’ premises (this falls to their own insurance cover), the organisers would continue to arrange a one-off policy as they have done this year, at a cost of approximately £100.
8.3   Village Newsletter – Cllr Bell – Village Day/Playing Field, Cllr Loader – Flower Festival, Cllr Cruse – Defibrillator/Village Enhancement Fund, , Cllr Grubb – Planning/DNP Local Plan, Cleave House work, Cllr Moore – Community Fund (formerly TAP fund Grey Mare Festival). Councillors to consider any other items of interest. All to submit to Cllr Cruse by the end of September. ACTION: ALL
8.4   Verge Management – Clerk’s report circulated details of Highways cuts (2x a year). Highways Enhancement Funding £91 for verges. Agreement for first cut at West end of village – cut the verge on the left-hand side but leave daffodils/wild flowers in centre; right hand side – cut a 1m strip around the edge for visibility and leave flowers in centre until all died back. Cllr Cruse suggested that Ladywell funds could be used for verge cutting as it relates to village aesthetics. Cllr Bell requested that email sent to South Tawton PC to ask if they will be cutting the wide verge area between Trafalgar Lodge and Ford Cross. ACTION: CLERK
8.5   Defibrillator – Cllr Cruse advised it is an important asset as has been deployed 3 times in the last 18 months. Small turnout for the recent training and so felt training should be offered every 2 years (£175). In addition, we pay £100 a year for VETS scheme, £20 for pads and £52 for emergency telephone. This equates to £260 pa and she proposes that this is added to budget for 2019. All in agreement.

459/9   Chair’s Actions
Dog bins – WDBC failed to collect one week. Cost of 1 week’s collection not worth deducting from invoice.
Parking at junction of OTP and Willey Lane/farm vehicles – vehicles are parking on the junction which is causing an obstruction to lorries and farm vehicles. It is also illegal to park on or opposite a junction. Reports also received from residents that tractors towing large pieces of equipment/trailers are driving too quickly along OTP. Agreed following action: Leaflet drop in OTP, Beacon Article and contact farmer to request drivers drive carefully. ACTION: CLLR CRUSE LEAFLETS/ARTICLE AND CLLRS MOORE & BELL TO LIAISE OVER CONTACT WITH FARMERS.

Grit bin – Cllr Cruse reported that the grit bin at Ladywell has been filled up.

Cllr Cruse has delivered welcome letters to new residents in 2 properties.

459/10    Dates to Note/Correspondence received
Eastern Links – 13 September (Cllrs Moore and Daniel to attend) DALC AGM – 3 October
Okehampton Civic Service – 16 September Eastern Links – 15 November

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 3 October 2018 – 7.30pm Meeting closed at 8.50pm

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