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Meeting Minutes – 2018-06-06

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 6 June 2018 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Bell, Cllr Loader and Cllr Daniel.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
4 members of the public

457/1    Apologies
Cllr Cruse

457/2    Approval of the minutes of meeting held 9 May 2018.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Moore.

457/3    Declaration of Interests

457/4    Matters carried forward
4.1   VAS and Gateways – Cllr Moore reported that the VAS has now been ordered by Drewsteignton Parish Council. Sticklepath will be able to use the VAS for up to 6 months of the year but it will be moved around the parishes every 6 weeks.
SPC will need to find a volunteer who will put the sign up in the village. SPC looking to enter into formal agreement with Drewsteignton regarding the repairs, insurance, transport of the VAS from parish to parish. Cllr Moore has sought advice from DALC on the wording of such an agreement.
Gateways – these are being manufactured and, again, will need a volunteer to put them into position. Signage also needs to be agreed/ordered.
Cllr Moore confirmed he has chased Highways about the crumbling footpath at the eastern end of the village and the Pedestrians in Road sign which should have been installed at the end of the last financial year. Highways are also supposed to be moving the 30mph sign from the traffic island in the middle of the road to the side of the road. He will continue to chase. ACTION: CLLR MOORE
4.2   Councillor Vacancies – Clerk reported that 2 parishioners have expressed an interest in the vacancies. She will send them the copy of the Good Councillors Guide to read through. ACTION: CLERK
4.3   Banking Arrangements – Clerk had previously circulated a report regarding different banking providers. She recommended an account was opened with Lloyds Bank. Proposed by Cllr Loader, seconded Cllr Bell. All in agreement. Clerk will proceed to open account. Financial regulations will need amending. ACTION: CLERK
4.4   Promoting Local Democracy Coffee Morning – Cllr Moore presented a report on Eastern Links meetings and the Okehampton Councils Together meetings. The coffee morning was organised by the Okehampton Councils Together group. A small number of members of the public attended and the Okehampton Times and Moorlander both sent reporters.
A parishioner asked whether members of the public could attend the Okehampton Councils Together meetings. Cllr Moore will approach the Chairperson because, at present, the public do not attend – it tends to be an idea sharing opportunity. If the public are unable to attend, another solution would be for the minutes of the meetings to be published. ACTION: CLLR MOORE

457/5    Planning
5.1 0252/18 – 7 Oak Tree Park – 1st floor extension and conservatory. Considered by Councillors. Unfortunately, proposed elevation drawings had not been included in the paperwork from DNPA. Councillors had some concerns about the development but, overall, had no objections to the application. There had been no objections or comments from parishioners.
See comments regarding final discussion of the matter at the end of these minutes.

457/6    Finance
6.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting.
6.2 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (June plus arrears) £181.06
Mrs L Rowlands Refreshments APM £ 8.19
Mrs L Rowlands Audit expenses £ 12.50
Westcountry Grounds Maintenance Grass cutting playing field £120.00
Came and Company Insurance premium £451.38
DALC New Councillor’s Course £ 30.00
Councillors briefly discussed the first cutting of the verges in May/June each year – this will be discussed fully in March/April 2019. Cllr Daniel to lead.

457/7    Matters Arising
7.1 Bench on Sticklepath Moor – Prior to the APM a parishioner had asked whether a bench could be sited on the moor. SPC are joint custodians of the moor with DNPA and so need to approve this. DNPA have no objection provided it is of a suitable design, is sited in a sensible location and someone takes responsibility for maintenance, insurance and inspection. Councillors agreed there is no budget for this. Also, it isn’t an asset which a number of parishioners have requested and so the Council cannot justify adding the expense to the precept. However, the Councillors had no objection to any parishioner siting a bench on the Moor. This would be subject to the same detail being provided/agreed as for DNPA. ACTION: CLERK
7.2 Moor than Meets the Eye – DNP has secured over £1million funding for Parish Council Heritage projects on Dartmoor. Most of the funding has been spent on the south-eastern side of the moor. It runs out in 2019 and a community stakeholder group has been set up to extend funding to the North of Dartmoor. Councillor Moore proposed that he represents Sticklepath Parish Council at the meetings. Seconded by Cllr Daniel. All in agreement.
7.3 Refuse collections in Back Lane – Cllr Daniel and some other occupants of properties along the main road near to the Taw River Inn had received a letter from WDBC advising that refuse and recycling would only be collected on the main road from 5 June. It appears that it will no longer be collected along Back Lane (although the letter doesn’t specifically say this). All Councillors felt that the cessation of collections along Back Lane was unacceptable. Also, the method of communication has been very poor – no notification given to the Parish Council and not all residents have received a letter. Clerk to write to WDBC accordingly. ACTION: CLERK
7.4 Licensing Application – Farmer Luxtons, Stockley Hamlet – No objection from Councillors. However, the question was raised about how further details of an application could be obtained. Clerk to ask WDBC. ACTION: CLERK

457/8 Chair’s Actions
No actions reported by Cllr Cruse.

457/9 Dates to Note/Correspondence received
14 June – Community Resilience Forum
4 June to 13 July – Period for public inspection of accounts.

Prior to the close of the meeting, a parishioner raised various matters:

• The footpath at the eastern end of the village from Copse towards Trafalgar Lodge is crumbling away towards the properties on that stretch. It is becoming difficult to negotiate, especially with a pushchair
• The shrubs and trees growing by the derelict house are, again, overgrowing across the footpath. Clerk to request that Highways have this cut and to obtain assurance that reimbursement of the cost is sought from the owners of the property. ACTION: CLERK
• Road signage at the junction with the lane to South Zeal – was damaged by a tractor last year and removed. It has not been replaced. Clerk to chase Highways. ACTION: CLERK
• Planning application at 7 Oak Tree Park – Parishioner is concerned that the building work will result in the driveway being too small for 2 vehicles to park on. This would add to the parking problems which already exist on the road in Oak Tree Park. Despite Councillors having already made a decision on the planning application, they agreed to look at the plans again. As the front wall of the garage would be moved forward with the building work, it would appear that the drive would only be able to accommodate 1 vehicle. Cllr Loader proposed that the original decision of no objection was changed to objection for the potential parking issues this would cause. Seconded, Cllr Daniel. All in agreement. ACTION: CLERK

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 18 July 2018

Meeting finished at 9.10pm

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