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Meeting Minutes – 2018-04-04

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 4 April 2018 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Cruse (Chair), Cllr Moore, Cllr Loader and Cllr Daniel.
In attendance:
Cllr Moore (Clerk).
Members of the public: Chris Darken

456/1 Apologies
Cllr Bell, Cllr Tansley, Mrs L Rowlands (Clerk).

456/2 Approval of the minutes of meeting held 7 March 2018.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.

456/3 Declaration of Interests

456/4 Matters carried forward
4.1 Footpaths Networking Meeting –
Cllr Moore referred to his report of the meeting in Sampford Courtenay. Report on Parishes Footpaths meeting March 18

There are plans to develop the network of footpaths but he has advised the other parishes that Sticklepath has limited connections with footpaths but would want to support opportunities for visitors to enjoy the wider area. Meetings are likely to be virtual, with online sharing of information. Cllr Moore noted that the footpath from the Tarka Way through Billy Green and Finch Foundry was well used but was not designated as a Right of Way/footpath. This may need to be considered in the future.
4.2 VAS and Gateways –
Cllr Cruse and Cllr Moore held a site visit with DCC Highway’s Representatives and agreed sites for the Mobile VAS. This could not utilise the new Village Gates but would be mounted by volunteers on specific lampposts – with the potential that these could also be turned around in some sites to alert drivers of the speed limit in both directions.
The sites for the Gateways were also agreed. Cllr Moore to liaise with Drewsteignton PC (DPC) who have agreed to build the gates for both Parishes, and who will receive the TAP funding. Cllr Moore to confirm with DPC the best tender for provision of the Mobile VAS. The Clerk has identified a potential cost for a Planning Application of £100-200, and that this could take 8 weeks with 21 days public consultation. This cost could be covered by the contribution made from the Safari Supper, for which the Council was grateful to Cllr Cruse for this organised event.
A proposal that, as DPC was the bigger Parish with more roads to control, it would be appropriate for them to have the Mobile VAS 6 months of the year, Sticklepath 3 months and to consider loaning to other Parishes to recoup costs. Proposed: Cllr Cruse. Seconded Cllr Loader.
During the Highways Site meeting, other traffic calming and safety concerns were raised. In response to a question from Chris Darken, Cllr Moore confirmed that they had been asked about the “Pedestrians in the Road” sign and the repairs required to the pavements above the Copse. These had been commissioned from the contractor and would be followed up with them. It was noted that the damage to the pavement was more substantial than first assessed, and that there was subsidence which would need to be addressed. Cllr Cruse confirmed that we had not received a report from Highways following this meeting.
It was noted that there was a large muddy pool by the cattle grid/gate on Cleave Lane which has been reported. However, Councillors were encouraged to report this again on the Highways website to ensure action is taken.
Actions: Cllr Moore to meet with DPC to agree purchase of Mobile VAS and rota for sharing it.
Clerk to proceed with Planning Application for gates
Cllr Moore to write to Highways with a summary of the points that had been agreed in the Site meeting

4.3 Handrail over footbridge –
Cllr Loader confirmed that the handrail has been completed and that she had used it successfully. Cllr Cruse noted that there had been a comment from a resident that the rails could be possibly misused by children, and wondered whether another rail could be added. Cllr Moore said that during construction it was witnessed that dogs sometimes jump onto the steps, and that the current handrail was considered the most appropriate.
It was noted that, during the recent rains, the river had washed away the sand that had been shifted even though rocks had been moved to provide a breakwater. This created a “puddle” at the bottom of the steps, but no more than on other parts of the footpath.
Cllr Cruse moved a vote of thanks to Ian Brooker, DNPA Ranger, Mike Watson and Cllr Moore for the work constructing the handrail. It was noted that DNPA had agreed this work without liability as it was still understood that the footbridge had been constructed by DCC and that they hold the ongoing responsibility for it.
4.4 Emergency Plan –
Cllr Bell submitted a revision to the Plan. It was noted that Paul Gray and Allen Cruse have indicated that they would want to step-down from their roles. Cllr Moore informed that Mike Johns had agreed to take over the Coordinator’s role. However, he was not certain as to all the requirements and would welcome training and induction.
The Salt Spreader Agreement with South Tawton PC was considered and signed by Cllr Cruse as Chair. Cllr Moore proposed an amendment to the Emergency Plan (Point 7.0) that it would be the Snow Warden’s responsibility to liaise with STPC on its use during snow periods.
Actions: Cllr Bell to arrange a handover meeting between Paul Gray and Mike Johns, and to amend EP(Point7)
Clerk to seek potential training course for EP Coordinator
Clerk to confirm with Highways which roads should be considered for salt spreading ( suggested: Oak Tree,
Willey Lane, Cleave Lane – but not Back Lane because of access for the spreader on tow)
Clerk to confirm how volunteers towing the spreader should have public liability insurance i.e. through
own vehicle insurance of through the Parish Council insurance
Snow Warden to confirm if orders for grit have been made.
Emergency Plan approved with noted amendment.

456/5 Planning
5.1 None

456/6 Finance
6.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Up to date figures for bank accounts – current account – £7690.72, reserve account – £2573.92. These were accepted unanimously.
6.2 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (April) £162.79
Mrs L Rowlands Printer Ink £ 14.29
Spencer Stallion Website fees £150.00
Playsafety Ltd Play equipment inspection £105.00
Alison Cruse Snow shovels £ 11.98
Community Heartbeat Trust VETS scheme £ 45.00
It was noted that the snow shovels had been used, and one has minor damage.
Action: Clerk to ask Snow Warden if more snow shovels are required
Clerk to order more grit for grit bins

456/7 Matters Arising
7.1 Billy Green Wild Flower Planting –
Cllr Daniels has applied for packs of wild flower seeds for use within the Parish. She proposed that there could be a project to improve diversity in a number of sites, with plantings in Spring or Autumn. The ground does not need much preparing – seeds are raked in. It was suggested that Billy Green has bare soil where walkers had left the path when it was waterlogged, also an area on the Skaigh Lane/bridlepath, and the Bonfire site.
Action: Cllr Daniels to lead on this – providing publicity and seeking volunteers to spread the seeds.
7.2 Additional dog bin –
Cllr Cruse had received a request for another dog bin on Cleave Lane, by the cattle grid. This would cost £80-150 to buy and would need to be emptied at £45 pa. It was not considered that there was significant problems in this area, and that the car park beyond was actually within Belstone Parish, which has decided not to use dog bins in this area.
It was agreed that this could not be prioritised by the Parish Council.
7.3 ROSPA Play equipment inspection –
A number of concerns had been raised by the inspection. Cllr Bell has liaised with Steve Matthews again who has agreed to tackle the repairs. It was noted that some of the parts for repairs have been purchased and that there is sufficient funding for the other repairs, but the work on these has been delayed.
Cllr Cruse proposed a vote of thanks to Steve Matthews for taking on this work for the village.
Cllr Loader noted that the Playing Field was very lively with young children on Easter Day.
7.4 Eastern Links, 20 March –
Cllr Cruse attended the meeting and supported the DPC Tap Funding application for £4000. Some other applications were declined, and DPC were awarded the remaining amount of £3,456 for the purchase of the Mobile VAS to be shared with Sticklepath Parish Council.
TAP funding would now be replaced by Councils Together funding. Parishes/Towns would need to jointly bid for this, and would need to show commitment to match-funding. This could no longer be used for verge cutting or other projects that were the responsibility of other statutory agencies. This was considered unfair by Parishes, and there was a possibility of this being reviewed.
There was potential to apply for around £1500 for temporary flood prevention items. The Emergency Team coordinator to be asked if they think we could benefit from an application.
There has been a reduction in Police staffing and an increase in violent crime recorded, although some of this was due to different ways of recording. There was no violent crime recorded in Sticklepath.

456/8 Chair’s Actions
The Planning Officer has been informed about the 40ft container at the Bowdens after complaints, and has visited the site. Await Planning Officer’s response.
VETs. Cllr Cruse has 7 volunteers who will act as responders for the defibrillator. Anyone attending a casualty should phone 999 for emergency services, then 01837 500523 which will alert one of the responders to bring the defibrillator to the scene.
Action: Cllr Cruse to widely advertise the number e.g. regular advert in Beacon, on website, maybe posters and encourage people to speed dial this on their mobile phones.
Cllr Tansley has indicated that he remains very busy at the moment, but will try to attend some meetings and will reconsider in May.
Lengthsman: It was unclear as to whether he had visited at all in February and whether anything had been done, The priority was to clear a pile of debris after Paul Gray had cleared the culvert in Willey Lane.
Actions: Clerk to contact Lengthsman to confirm service to this Parish
Cllr Cruse to ask Cllr Bell if there is a site in the Playing Field onto which the debris can be moved
Volunteers to be sought to help move the pile.

456/9 Dates to Note/Correspondence received

Okehampton Councils Together – 11 April 2018, 7pm, Okehampton Town Hall
Action: Cllr Moore to attend

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 9 May 2018 – Annual Parish Meeting – 6pm
Annual General Meeting – 7.30pm
Cllr Moore tendered his apologies for this.

Meeting finished at 8.45 pm

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