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To all in Sticklepath

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In the late eighties a family from up-country moved into Sticklepath to take over the village shop. On the takeover day, a Friday, the husband returned to Buckinghamshire to collect the chattels with a lorry. The following day, wife with two young children opened the shop door to their new venture, to be greeted by the local PC. who was making enquiries about the previous occupants! As you can imagine on my return later on Saturday with all the families possessions, I was greeted with “what on earth have you brought me to, my first customer was the local constabulary.” ( I would point out that it was the wife who fell in love with the house and village, but obviously I know my place).

Anyway, this brings me to the reason for sending this note out to you all. I am now, with Janice, after a couple of breaks along the way, taking leave of Sticklepath Stores. The time is right to let the younger generation develop your shop and the new great tea room addition that we have available. I know that they have many ideas and projects to make the most of the challenge and I am sure you will be hearing from Simon and Red in the very near future. I wish them all the best and thank all our customers and friends for their support over the past 25years.

Sticklepath is a small village which according to the experts has too few residents to support a shop, two pubs, village hall and bus route. They are wrong. Yes, the temptation for all of us is to take for granted what we have and assume it will always be there, so use it or lose it.  Make a pledge to spend ten pounds a week. Get in the habit, go round and talk to Simon and Red, they will need your support.  I will start the list and pledge my £10 a week to the shop.

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