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Meeting Minutes 2016-10-12


Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 12 October 2016 7pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Loader, Cllr Murrell, Cllr Matthews, Cllr Bell
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk)
Members of the general public – Mr Darken, Ms Gwilliam, Miss White, Mr Gilbert, Mr and Mrs Massey, Mrs Reason, Belstone PC representatives, Okehampton Hamlets PC representative, Belstone parish residents
Also present Mr Dale Snowden and Mrs M Snowden (Applicants), Mr Joseph Marchant (Planning Consultant)
439/1 Apologies
Cllr Cruse and Cllr Tansley, Cllr William Cann
439/2 Declaration of Interests
439/3 Planning
Application 0502/16 – Replacement highway services building, extended car and HGV parking, landscaping and outline permission for a new hotel over 2 floors at White House Service Station, Okehampton
Mr Marchant, planning consultant, gave a comprehensive presentation of the background of the application, the information and reports gathered to enable the matter to be at the stage of having made the planning application to Dartmoor National Park. He then invited questions from members of the public and Councillors. The questions raised concerned lighting of the site/light pollution to surrounding area, noise nuisance caused by a potential increase in HGVs using the site, whether fuel prices would increase, opening hours of the fuel station and restaurant, increased traffic and, in particular, road safety. Mr Marchant and the Applicants addressed these concerns and invited anyone who wanted copies of specific documents to contact the Clerk and she would arrange for him to send them on. All documents are available on the DNPA Planning area, application no: 0502/16.
Mr Marchant also confirmed that they have been in long discussions with the Highways Agency regarding road safety prior to the application being made. They are now in full S106 consultations with the Highways Agency on matters such as speed limit, signage and road layout.
All attendees then left, save Mr Darken, and the Parish Council resumed their meeting to consider their response to the application. It was resolved to support the application as the proposals will improve a very poor situation in terms of road safety and overcrowding of users on the site. The new building being proposed is of a design in keeping with the National Park’s aesthetics. However, the parish council will make representations regarding road signage, lighting, lorry parking and the opening hours of the restaurant/food hall. ACTION: CLERK

Date of next meeting: 9 November 2016 – 7.30pm
Meeting ended at 21.00

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