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Meeting Minutes 2016-01-06

Present: Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Tania Murrell, Cllr Derek Moore, Cllr Phil Davies

In attendance: Lois Rowlands (Clerk)

Members of the general public: Mr Darken, Mr Fisher, Kay Loram, Ben Shapcott –  National Trust (Guest).

429/0 Apologies None

429/1 Declaration of Interests None

429/2 Approval of the minutes held on 25 November 2015

Mr Darken had requested minor amendments to paragraph 428/3 regarding planning.  Amendments were agreed by the Councillors.  Redrafted minutes to be signed at the next meeting.

429/3 Report from Mr B Shapcott, National Trust.

·         Visitor numbers for 2015 were up from 2014

·         There has been a change of management at Finch Foundry

·         Various events are planned through the year.  Councillors agreed these would be added to the village website and details of the events and dates were taken

·         The National Trust are preparing a new Conservation Plan for the Foundry which they hope will bring in more funding

·         Foundry will re-open on 5 March 2016

Councillor Loader raised concerns about the lack of a soakaway in the car park which causes water to run off and flood into Billy Green.  Mr Shapcott advised that work on the car park would not be undertaken this year but they are hoping for 2017.

The Councillors raised concerns about the issue of dog fouling around the area, especially Billy Green.  Also, the bin does not seem to be emptied regularly.  Mr Shapcott confirmed he would monitor the fouling and bin situation which may result in the need for a bigger bin.

The Chair advised Mr Shapcott of the Village workday on 24 January.  Mr Shapcott said he would look into the garden rubbish which had been dumped by the Billy Green gate which would assist in the village tidy up.  He confirmed that the village could use the kiosk at Finch Foundry for refreshments.  He will provide a key.

Councillor Cruse advised that the leat had dried up and she was concerned about potential smell.  Ben will let some water run through the leat.  He will also assess the condition of the sluice gate near The Drying House.  He will also arrange for keys to the padlock for the sluice gate spanner to be provided to authorised persons.

Mr Shapcott then left the meeting.

429/4    Representations from the public.

Kay Loram set out the plans for development of Tawburn House which she and Mr Thomas had recently purchased.  She will keep the Parish Council aware of developments.

The Councillors agreed that property development and a Parish Plan should be discussed at the next meeting.  ACTION: CLERK

Ms Loram left the meeting.

Mr Fisher advised the Council of information he had discovered about the “Sticklepath Stone” an ancient boundry marker stone at the Ladywell end of the village.  He is in contact with English Heritage to ascertain whether it can be cleaned, lifted and turned back to its original position.  He will keep us informed of the progress.  The Chair advised that when he has more news it can be an official agenda item to be discussed in more depth.  Mr Fisher then left the meeting.

429/5    Actions from last meeting

I.          Defibrilator – Councillor Cruse reported that the best option was to have a long term loan from SW Ambulance Trust.  The cost would be £1,800 plus VAT and the Trust would maintain the battery pack and pads.  There would also be a cost for heating the pack but this would be less if it was housed in, say, the telephone kiosk.  The Council could adopt the kiosk for £1.  The kiosk is on land owned by The Devonshire Inn who had verbally confirmed they agreed with the Council adopting the kiosk.

Councillors agreed to adopt the telephone kiosk and to pursue funding with another Parish for the cost of the defibrillator.  ACTION: CLLR CRUSE

Clerk to provide Councillor Cruse with details of Parish Clerks for Okehampton Hamlets, Drewsteignton and Sampford Courtney.  ACTION: CLERK

Promote on village website front page and in The Beacon that our next fundraising project is for a defibrillator.   ACTION: CLLR BELL

II.          Ladywell Pipe – Cllr Matthews reported on the progress she had made so far.  She will continue investigation.   b/f to March.  ACTION: CLLR MATTHEWS

III.         Transparency Code – Cllr Murrell reported that the funding application had been filed and acknowledged but no timescale given for a decision.

429/6    Asset Register

Cllr Bell had carried out an inspection of the items on the Asset Register and reported on their condition.  Clerk raised the point that the playing field itself is not on the Register but it is an asset.  This is to be added to the Register.  ACTION: CLLR BELL

Discussions were held about insurance for the field, particularly public liability.  Also, ownership/responsibility of the gate into the field. ACTION: CLERK

429/7    Matters arising

I.        Snow warden

Cllr Davies reported that Mike Johns has agreed to continue in this capacity.  Cllr Davies to advise him of contact details.  ACTION: CLLR DAVIES

Warden’s details to be added to website and notice board.  ACTION: CLLR BELL/CLERK

II.        Emergency plan

Cllr Davies reported the majority of the information in the plan is correct.  Only updates needed are in relation to personnel.  Agreed to contact Paul Grey to confirm he is still willing to act as co-ordinator and to then arrange a meeting of his team.  ACTION: CLLR CRUSE

Once team known, details will be added to website and notice board.  ACTION: CLERK/CLLR BELL

Agreed on flyer drop at relevant time advising residents of existence of snow warden and emergency plan, together with contact details.  Inkprint to be contacted for printing prices.  ACTION: CLLR BELL

Agreed carry forward inclusion of details in village newsletter to July meeting.  ACTION: CLERK

III.        Frequency of meetings/setting of future dates

Agreed to return to monthly meetings on a Wednesday.  Future dates set.  Hall to be booked. ACTION: CLERK

Agreed that it would be useful for each Agenda item to have a named Councillor against it who will submit a report on progress etc prior to the meeting.

Annual Meeting date set but Clerk to check timescale requirements.  ACTION: CLERK

IV.        Village Work Day

Agreed to do 2 dates as sufficient work needs to be done.  Councillors agreed list of tasks to be undertaken on 24 January.

V.        Training

Approved New Clerk’s Training and Preparation for Audit courses for Clerk.  ACTION: CLERK

429/8    Planning

0512 and 0513/15 – No objections.

429/9    Finance

I.      Balances and budgetary figures were tabled.

II.     The following payments were approved:

Mrs S Hood                                          Salary 1 month                                      £100.00

Mrs L Rowlands                                                Salary 2 months                                    £200.00

Citizens Advice Bureau                          Donation                                               £  25.00

Okehampton Community Transport        Donation                                               £  50.00

III.    Tenders – b/f to February’s meeting.

IV.   Budget and Precept – Budget was reviewed and amended to cover future contingencies for dog bin emptying, Clerk’s salary and small maintenance costs.  Financial information had been received from West Devon Borough Council with regard to Council Tax Grant.  Councillors discussed increase on Band D properties which would be £1.99 or 7.79%.  Agreed the increase in expenses could be justified if challenged by parishioners.

Councillors agreed to accept budget and precept demand which is to be sent in to West Devon Borough Council.  ACTION: CLERK

429/10  Correspondence

I.      Mr Gilbert re the “Sticklepath”.  Agreed to b/f to next meeting but investigations to be carried out into heritage/archiving of historical information.  Cllr Matthews to reply to Mr Gilbert and Cllr Moore to investigate.  ACTION: CLLRS MATTHEWS AND MOORE

II.     Mr Flick re worn road markings.  Clerk reported she had chased Highways for response.  Agreed review of road markings generally.  b/f to next meeting.

Date of next meeting :  3rd February 2016 at 7.30pm

Meeting ended at 22.15

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