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Meeting Minutes 2016-03-02

Present: Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Tania Murrell, Cllr Derek Moore,

In attendance: Lois Rowlands (Clerk), Mr Spencer Stallion

Members of the general public: Mr Darken

431/0 Apologies None

431/1 Approval of the minutes held on 3 February 2016

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

431/2 Declaration of Interests None

431/3 Transparency Code – website training. 

Spencer Stallion explained that he administers the Sticklepath Village Website.  He had prepared a quote which covered the fixed costs of website hosting and domain renewal, plus general website administration for a year – either general or full, and training of PC members.  He presented an invoice for £150 for this year’s website hosting, domain renewal and general website administration.  It was resolved to accept the invoice.  This would be paid from the Transparency Code grant money of £650.

The Councillors then asked Mr Stallion various questions about training and ongoing support.  It was agreed to book the Clerk and Cllr Bell in for training with Mr Stallion as soon as possible.  ACTION: CLERK/CLLR BELL

431/4 Actions from last meeting

I.              Property development/Parish Plan – Jo Rumble, DNP representative to attend April’s meeting at which she will be asked to explain a Parish Design Statement and Consultation of Parishioners.  All Councillors agreed that they did not want to proceed straight to a Neighbourhood Plan.  ACTION: CLLR MATTHEWS

II.             Defibrillator – Cllr Cruse reported that she did not feel we could apply for TAP funding for this but there is an alternative funding route but it will not cover the total cost.  Cllr Cruse proposed we proceed to raise funds/apply for funding for the defibrillator which will be housed in the telephone box.  It was resolved to proceed as outlined by Cllr Cruse.  ACTION: CLLR CRUSE

III.            Emergency Plan/Community Response details are now on the website and the Parish Notice Board.  Cllr Bell confirmed that the Emergency Plan had been updated with specifics for flood and snow emergencies.  Stocks of sand are sufficient but insufficient sandbags.  ACTION: CLERK

IV.           Flood Resilience funding – Cllr Murrell advised that discussions have taken place but there is still some uncertainty about exactly what would be the most useful items to try and acquire, bearing in mind that storage will be an issue?  The Parish Emergency Plan has a comprehensive list of community resources showing people with useful skills or equipment.  Discussions took place around the purchase of a “Hydrosnake” style of flood barrier.  Cllr Murrell will proceed with funding application to DCC and Clerk to enquire with Environment Agency if they can advise on any other equipment which would be useful.  ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR MURRELL

V.            Heritage Group – Cllr Moore reported that once again there had been a good turn-out at March’s meeting.  2 issues were discussed which involved the Parish Council.  The first is the Ladywell project – this is to be b/f to April’s meeting.  The other is the archive.  The Parish Council are currently holding a £250 donation from Bert Stead’s estate to go towards a village archive.  Could some of this be spent on website usage to create a digital archive or should it all be spent on display boards?  It was agreed that, for the time being, there would be sufficient storage space in the village hall.  Cllr Moore is to investigate the cost of different display boards/cabinets and will report back in April.  ACTION: CLLR MOORE

VI.           Road Markings – Clerk read out response from Highways which sets out the frequency with which they inspect road markings on different categories of road and that anything which constitutes a safety defect is reported for action.  Not all faded or missing road markings constitute a safety defect and they will act more if stop lines or give way markings were missing or faded.  The Councillors felt they should continue to give thought to alternative ways of traffic calming and would question Cllr McInnes at the Annual Meeting on this point.  Also, it is likely that the road markings in question are outside our Parish Boundary in any event.  Clerk to respond to parishioner accordingly.  ACTION: CLERK

VII.          Queen’s 90th Birthday – all agreed that Sticklepath would join with S. Tawton Parish for the lighting of beacon on Cosdon and the gathering on their recreation ground on 21 April.  Cllr Loader volunteered to be our parish representative on their sub-committee.  Clerk to enquire when they will next be meeting.  It was resolved to purchase lanyard and flag for the flagpole on the White Rock.  Cllr Cruse to purchase.  Discussions were held about the June celebrations – Cllr Bell advised only 2 responses on the website which both said they were happy to join in with whatever was planned.  The idea of a tea party in the village hall was discussed.  Cllr Matthews to enquire with the Pheonix Group.  ACTION: CLERK, CLLR CRUSE AND CLLR MATTHEWS

VIII.         Councillor Vacancy – Clerk confirmed no request made to WDBC for an election and so we are free to co-opt.  The Council can function with a vacancy so long as meetings are quorate (3 or 1/3 of Councillors, whichever is the greater).

IX.           West Devon Mayoral Awards – Chair and Cllr Moore confirmed nomination has been submitted.

431/5 Planning

DNP confirmed no TPO on trees at Drake’s Acre – noted.

DNP Notice of Refusal of change of use at Bridge House – noted.

DNP Listed Building Consent for repairs, alterations and change of use from chapel to dwelling, Former Methodist Chapel, Sticklepath – noted.

431/6 Matters arising

      I.        Dog Fouling – Councillors have researched and considered various options including cameras to catch the culprit.  Cllr Loader had prepared a short article for The Beacon which was agreed by the Councillors.  As Finch Foundry need a bigger dog poo bin, it was agreed that we would acquire the existing bin which would probably be sited close to Surgery Cottage as it is the stretch along that lane which is the worst.  The signage will also be put back up.  ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR MATTHEWS

431/7 Finance

I.              Balances and budgetary figures were tabled.

II.             The following payments were approved:

Mrs L Rowlands                                          Salary 1 months (March)                                    £100.00

III.            Tenders – only 2 had been received.  One for the cleaning of the bus shelters only and the other for grass cutting, bus shelter cleaning and a request for further details to quote for weed spraying.  It was resolved to accept Mrs Padfield’s quote for cleaning the bus shelter and to accept Mr Kingdom’s quote for cutting the playing field and verges.  The Clerk will query his quote for cutting Billy Green.  Clerk to send written acceptance to include the caveat that all contracts will be subject to publication under the new Transparency Act 2014.

IV.           Donations – Resolved to pay South Zeal Scouts £30 towards badges for the Sticklepath residents.

V.            Transfer of Playing Field funds to reserve account – it was resolved that the money would stay in the current account as work was to start in the near future on the pavilion.

431/8 Correspondence received

Correspondence was made available to Councillors.

Date of next meeting:  6 April 2016 at 7.30pm

Meeting ended at 22.00

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