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Meeting Minutes 2016-07-20


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 20 July 2016 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Derek Moore (Chair), Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr Tania Murrell, Cllr Pam Matthews,
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk)
Members of the general public – Mr C Darken, Mrs Y Reason and Mrs R Penrose.
434/1 Apologies
Cllr Loader and Cllr Tansley.
434/2 Approval of Minutes of meetings held 8 June and 15 June 2016
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair as an accurate record. Updates – Parish newsletter had been distributed. South Tawton TAP application for footpath letter has been postponed by Eastern Links. Letter sent to Mr Kulasek at Methodist Chapel to support the work he is carrying out at the Methodist Chapel.
434/3 Declaration of Interests
Cllr Matthews declined to comment on planning for 15 Oak Tree Park.
434/4 Actions from last meeting
I. Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations – Was a great success – many people attended. Thanks to Pheonix Group for baking cakes and to all who helped organise and run the event. Thanks to the Glee Club who performed most entertainingly. Raffle for defibrillator went well – thanks to Charlie Massey for donation of homemade bread as prizes.
II. Village Gateway Sign – Cllr Matthews has looked at village entry signs to other villages and has made further enquiries. She is waiting for responses. Is considering some emblem to adorn the sign and options were discussed. Cllr Cruse asked about planting of area by Ladywell. Both items b/f to September’s meeting. ACTION: CLLR MATTHEWS
III. Dog bins/rubbish and Finch Foundry – New bin has arrived and is larger than the old one. Difficulties moving the old one to the bridlepath so the large one has been put by the bridlepath. It is being used but hasn’t entirely stopped the problem of dog mess along the lane. Attempts are being made to contact WDBC regarding emptying the bin – Mrs Reason said she noticed the one on Back Lane hasn’t been collected either – the bins should be collected once a fortnight. Proposed to contact WDBC to have a weekly collection of all 3 bins. Investigate if we can have weekly through Summer and reduce to fortnightly in the winter. WDBC having an event in Okehampton in July, inviting people to attend. “Report it online” – this is for members of the public to report dog fouling to WDBC online – this has led to a couple of prosecutions of owners. Noted by Councillors. ACTION: CLLR MOORE
IV. Sticklepath 2025 – Cllr Murrell advised the consultation is still open – she appealed for anyone who hasn’t filled their form in yet to do so – it could make a real difference to the direction the Parish Council take with future plans for the village. Responses are low so all to consider pushing for responses.
There is a fund available to help with funding a community event but it can’t be an existing event. Councillors will give the matter some thought so that an application can be made. Cllr Bell will put it on the website to ask for ideas. ACTION: CLLR MURRELL

V. DAAT night landing sites – Cllr Bell reported that she had met with a representative of Dartmoor Air Ambulance Trust and our playing field is not suitable for night landing as the site needs to be 50m x 50m. They looked if any other suitable sites in the parish but there weren’t. Councillor Bell has provided him with details of South Tawton Parish.
VI. Playing field pavilion – Craig Guscott ready to start groundworks, staddle stones ordered and Devon Oak have started the wood frame. Cllr Cruse asked about security on site especially when staddle stones are delivered. Cllr Bell has considered delivery to another venue until they are ready to be cemented in. The site will be roped off as a construction area. Cllr Bell also handed over approximately £600 from Open Gardens towards the pavilion.
VII. DCC Highways and verges – A lot of engagement over the last few weeks with Devon Highways regarding change of contractor and policy for verge cutting. There are 4 cuts a year and Highways acknowledge that this hasn’t happened. However, the cuts now are only for visibility areas. The Parish Council had already contracted with their own contractor to cut the verges in between the Highways cuts. However, the PC has had to instruct him to cut the areas of grass not cut by Highways and which were exceedingly long. This has now been done. With regard to funding to help the PC with this additional responsibility, DCC have confirmed that any funds they would offer to the parish for the parish to carry out their own cutting would be minimal due to the relatively small areas of verge which need cutting. Cllr Moore proposes waiting to hear from DCC as to what they are going to offer in funding and the Road Warden Scheme. All in agreement. Cllr Moore had also brought up the issue of edging of the highway at the eastern end of the village. Cllr Moore asked them to clear it and sent in photographs – the verge and soil are encroaching onto the highway. Response from DCC is it is “part of the hedge” and is the responsibility of the hedge owner. Cllr Moore will go and speak to the owners of the hedge. Mr Darken also raised the problem of the street cleaner coming out but failing to do an effective job. He has contacted DCC personally regarding this issue. Councillors also asked whether notification can be given as to when the street sweeper will be coming – so vehicles in the way can be parked elsewhere. Also request details of where details of changes to services to villages will be advertised and how they will notify us. Very little, if any, notification was sent to Parish Councils regarding the change in verge cutting. b/f September meeting. ACTION: CLLR MOORE AND CLERK

VIII. 434/5 Planning
15 Oak Tree Park, Sticklepath – permission for extension – no objections
Moor Farm, Willey Lane, Sticklepath – permission for change of use from annex to holiday let – no objections
434/6 Matters arising
1. Gate at cattle grid, Skaigh Lane – Cllr Cruse reported that several complaints had been made about the gate being stiff to open. Highways have now been out and remedied it.
2. Closure of access to Back Lane from High Street – The drangway runs between Bracon Cottage and Carberry on the High Street and through into Back Lane. Following disturbance caused by pedestrians passing through, the passageway gate was been locked several years ago. A parishioner has complained to Cllr Cruse and asked whether the accessway could be re-opened. Cllr Cruse has suggested the parishioner speaks to the owner of the premises, which has not been taken up. The passageway is not a public right of way and, as such, is not a council matter. Councillors were keen to encourage residents to speak to one another to resolve issues. Cllr Cruse will discuss this further with the persons concerned. ACTION: CLLR CRUSE
3. Holmes Field – DCH policy on allocation and exchange of property – S106 policy is specifically for Holmes Field. Cllr Bell has a copy of the policy from Devon Community Homes and a copy has been sent to the Clerk to be kept on file. This policy will apply to the properties in perpetuity.
4. Dartmoor Community Fund – applications in by 29 July. 2 organisations from the village will be applying to the fund. Cllr Bell will forward to user group of village hall. Clerk to put on website. ACTION: CLERK, CLLR BELL
5. Calendar of events/actions – Cllr Moore is looking at what the role of a Parish Council is, especially now that work is being devolved down to the Parish Council. Also, being aware of what local groups and organisations are doing so the parish council can support them. His first proposal is for the Parish Council to invite organisations to the meetings. There has been difficulty filling our recent vacancy and it would help parishioners see the role and relevance of the Council. Clerk had prepared a calendar showing the monthly administrative actions which need to be done. Cllr Moore has added some annual events to this but it might be useful if we also have local groups such as Eastern Links and Dartmoor National Park forum etc. Cllr Moore would like to add to this calendar. Cllr Matthews feels the Clerk’s calendar is an admin calendar whereas this is more of a calendar to share other information. Councillors to look at what meetings are on and be proactive about looking at what is on. Cllr Moore has spoken to a small number of local groups already who would be interested to come and present a short report. Cllr Cruse pointed out that if we know what groups do and what their aims are, we can signpost them to any funding or other initiatives which come through the Parish Council. Cllr Moore will draft a letter. ACTION: CLLR MOORE
I. Balances and budgetary figures were tabled and up to date accounts presented.
II. Clerk confirmed that the paperwork had been sent to the external auditors on 17 June – nothing heard as yet. Accounts have been published on website and inspection period was in operation until 28 July.
III. The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (July)  – £ 130.90
Lexis Nexis Local Council Admin Book – £ 79.05
Darley Ford Quarry Staddle Stones – Pavilion £ 930.00
Cllr E Matthews Staddle Stones – deposit £ 930.00
Mrs P Matthews Refreshments for Queen’s 90th –  £ 55.69
Mr D Moore Printing of village newsletter  -£ 24.00
Mr E Kingdom Grass cutting and weed spraying  – £ 732.00
Teignbridge District Council Building Regs Fee – Pavilion £ 530.00

The Clerk made available to Councillors the paper correspondence she had received.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 3 August 2016 at 7.30pm to discuss planning application Tawburn House, Sticklepath
Subsequent meeting: 7 September 2016 at 7.30pm
Meeting closed: 21.45 pm

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