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Meeting Minutes – 2017-03-08

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 March 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.


Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Cruse, Cllr Loader, Cllr Bell and Cllr Matthews.

In attendance:

Lois Rowlands (Clerk)

Members of the public:  Mr Terry Holman (Quaker Burying Ground), Mr Norman Dunn

443/1 Apologies

Cllr Tansley

443/2 Approval of the minutes held on 8 February 2017.

Cllr Moore proposed that the minutes were approved as an accurate record.  Seconded by Cllr Bell.  Minutes signed by Chair.

443/3 Declaration of Interests


443/4 Representations from local organisations

Mr Terry Holman attended on behalf of the Quaker Burying Ground.  His report can be found:  Report from Quaker Burying Ground 2018-03.   Following his presentation, Cllr Moore mentioned Parish Council walks leaflet is being updated and National Trust are revamping their publicity so good to tie all in together with leaflet planned by the Burying Ground committee.

Cllr Moore if there are any grants available to fund land acquisition – Mr Holman advised that he doesn’t know of any  grants available – however, the Burying Ground has modest savings which could be used to purchase land.

Cllr Moore confirmed he and Cllr Cruse will be meeting with National Trust and will promote Burying Ground at those meetings.

Also keen to promote themselves on the village website.  Cllr Bell confirmed that any details can be sent to her to put on the website.  Contact details to go on also.

443/5 Actions carried forward

5.1 – Website – Clerk had circulated report for remodel of Parish Council page of the website.  All agreed that not all the minutes and agendas need to be kept on the site – current year plus the previous year is sufficient.  Anyone interested can contact Clerk for copies of older minutes.  ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR BELL

Clerk had made enquiries of other parish councils regarding ownership of their websites.  This matter to be considered further once the Parish Council area has been remodelled, with a view to making a final decision by November when budget for 2018/19 is being considered.

443/6 Planning

6.1 – 0091/17 Mount Cottage, Sticklepath – Alteration to roof at rear and installation of 3 dormer windows.  No objection.

6.2 – 0654/16 Sticklepath Stores –  Grant of conditional planning permission for loft conversion and replacement roof at Sticklepath Store – noted.

6.3 – 0650/16 Peppercorns, Sticklepath – Grant of conditional planning permission for replacement roof and raising of walls to outbuilding – noted.

443/7 Finance  

7.1        The following payments were approved:

Mrs L Rowlands    Salary 1 month (March)               £146.90

Mrs L Rowlands     Printer ink                                        £12.99

Andrew Clark          Pavilion guttering                      £1602.86

Tracy Padfield        Bus shelter cleaning                       £50.00

Dave Stallion   Electrical installation – defibrillator  £55.00

Alison Cruse      Defibrillator plaques and signs          £60.32

Spencer Stallion          Website costs                             £150.00

443/8 Matters Arising

8.1        Leat residents’ meeting – Cllr Cruse advised leat residents now do annual clear up so not always a need for a formal meeting.  Agreed letters to be sent to new owners of Methodist Chapel and Staplers informing them of their rights and obligations.  Also, a letter to be sent to all leat residents saying no meeting but if there are any issues to contact the Parish Council.  ACTION: CLLRS CRUSE AND MOORE

8.2        Sticklepath 2025 – seat outside bus shelter – Cllr Matthews visited the bus shelter and could look down the road while sitting inside the shelter.  The bus shelter is not robust enough to take the weight of a seat with someone sitting on it.  The bus shelter is rotting around the bottom.  Cllr Cruse had looked at glass shelters and they are at least £2,000.  All agreed to consider purchase of new bus shelter once Pavilion has been completed.  c/f June.

Cllr Matthews Report

8.3        Defibrillator update – Cllr Cruse confirmed defibrillator and satellite phone are now live.  Formal opening on Friday 10 March at 4pm.  Cllr James McInnes cutting ribbon and representative from DenBrook windfarm is attending as they gave a grant.  Training on 3 June in Village Hall.  Cllr Cruse is in contact with Belstone’s defib representative and invited them to our training and have agreed to liaise in future training events.  Balance of approx. £120 – annual rent for phone next year so we can use this to cover that cost for 1 or 2 years.  On behalf of all Councillors, Cllr Matthews thanked Cllr Cruse for her immensely hard work over the last year to include fund raising and sourcing the equipment.

Cllr Cruse report March 2017

8.4        Garden waste on Finch Foundry field – Cllr Cruse reported she and her husband had a bonfire with the waste on Finch Foundry area.  However, within a couple of days more garden waste was put on the site.  She is hoping to meet with Ben Shapcott at Finch Foundry to discuss the problem.  ACTION: CLLR CRUSE

8.5        Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General Meeting – APM – 3rd May at 7pm.  AGM 17 May.  June meeting moved from 7th to 14th.   Clerk to book hall.  ACTION: CLERK

443/9 – Chair’s actions

Chair’s report circulated prior to meeting and is available:

Chairs report Mar 17

Other matters – Standing stone at the bottom of the Sticklepath.  DNP Ranger advised it is appropriate to have a couple of steps up the bank to it to access it.  Shadowed by 2 trees allowing lichen and moss growing on it and condition of stone was deteriorating.  DNP Ranger can attend to the trees.  However, as the stone is on common land the PC needs to agree for the work to be done.  Cllr Cruse concerned about health and safety of 2 steps as would be on a very steep bank.  All in agreement trees should be taken down/pruned. Steps to be considered at a later date ACTION: CLLR MOORE

Mr Dunn asked whether a handrail could be put at the top of the steps to the bridge at back of Finch Foundry due to 90degree turn at top of steps and height of the top step.  ACTION: CLLR MOORE

443/10 –  Correspondence received/Dates to note

Card of thanks from St Mary’s Church.



Date of next meeting:  5 April 2017 at 7.30pm                                        Meeting finished at 9.30pm

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