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Meeting Minutes – 2017-02-08

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 February 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Cruse, Cllr Loader, Cllr Murrell, Cllr Bell and Cllr Matthews.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk)
Members of the public: Mr C Darken
442/1 Apologies
Cllr Tansley
442/2 Approval of the minutes held on 11 January 2017.
Cllr Cruse proposed that the minutes were approved as an accurate record. Seconded by Cllr Loader. Minutes signed by Chair.
442/3 Declaration of Interests
442/4 Actions carried forward
4.1 – Grants
Cllr Bell proposed that a grant be made to StOCs because of the valuable work they do around the village. Cllr Cruse confirmed that StOCs are looking to buy 3 slashers at a cost of £18.75 each. She confirmed they receive donations for maintaining the Tarka Trail annually and some Commoners groups on an ad hoc. Their biggest costs are insurance, fuel and tools. Cllr Bell proposed £56.25 paid to StOCs, seconded by Cllr Murrell.
Consideration also given to St Mary’s Church as Councillors aware, from Mrs Johns’ report to the Council in December, that they are struggling to maintain the church and grounds. Cllr Cruse referred to the Grant Giving Policy which refers to grants not being given to religious organisations. Cllr Loader suggested that the grant was a one off donation this year to help bridge the gap while they get their fundraising events in action. Also, the church is part of the village history and is kept open every day for people to visit. Cllr Loader proposed a donation of £50. Seconded by Cllr Matthews. Letter with grant is to specify that it is to maintain the church as a historical building and to ensure it is kept open for visitors.
In accordance with the Grant Giving Policy, Cllr Cruse proposed that the balance of £18.75 be vired to the Pavilion funds. Seconded by Cllr Loader.

442/5 Planning
5.1 – 0491/16 – Foxlands, Willey Lane – Grant of conditional planning consent in respect of extension and associated works. Noted.
5.2 – Tree works, Hayes, Sticklepath – Cllr Moore advised that this application had been received this week. No objection to application and so Standing Orders were suspended so the matter could be considered. Cllr Cruse confirmed she had spoken to Mr Brewer, the neighbour of the Applicant, who was in agreement with the work and felt it would allow more light into his property. Cllr Loader stated that the height and spread of trees must be maintained to prevent them becoming dangerous or causing other problems.
Cllr Cruse proposed no objections to the application. Seconded by Cllr Bell. Council returned to Standing Orders.

442/6 Finance
6.1 Budgetary and financial information had been circulated to Councillors. No comments.
8.1 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary 1 month (February) £146.90
Mrs L Rowlands Postage stamps £3.30
Came and Co Pavilion Insurance £25.00

422/7 Matters Arising
7.1 Sticklepath 2025 – Car Parking – Cllr Cruse reported there were 12 mentions in the survey replies related to car parking. 3 main issues: lack of parking, poor parking (especially in Oak Tree Park) and provision of coach parking.
Lack of parking – Taw River Inn could be asked to reinstate their car park sign but Cllr Loader advised their car park is full most of the time as it is used by residents who are unable to park near their homes. Devonshire Inn had been approached with a suggestion that an honesty box was put in the car park. Cllr Moore advised owner was happy for car park to be used for events in the village but not on a daily basis by residents or visitors to the village. Cllr Cruse said that when there is an event in the village, a temporary sign could be put up which directs people to the Devonshire Inn Car Park.
Cllr Moore informed the meeting of a Conservation Management Document recently produced by the National Trust for Finch Foundry. Car parking issues had been identified. Cllr Loader pointed out that if the exit from Finch Foundry was used as an entrance this would have an impact on residents parking along the main road opposite that exit. All agreed Cllrs Moore and Cruse should meet with the National Trust to discuss this, and other issues. ACTION: CLLRS MOORE AND CRUSE
Poor parking in Oak Tree Park – There have been numerous instances of cars parked too close to the junction with the main road or across the dropped kerb. This is an obstruction and is dangerous. Suggestions for photos to be taken of dangerous parking and obstruction (for example, when the bin lorry has to mount the kerb to pass inconsiderately parked vehicles). Cllr Cruse to prepare an article for The Beacon identifying pinch points, advising that photos will be taken, highway markings will be considered with highways, alerting drivers of the distance they should be parking from the junction, that they should not be parking opposite driveways, opposite junctions or across dropped kerbs. Cllr Bell to contact Highways to enquire whether yellow lines can be painted at the junction and any other suggestions they might have. ACTION: CLLRS CRUSE AND BELL
7.2 Emergency Plan Review – Cllr Bell confirmed all the contact details had been updated in the Plan. She will forward a copy to Clerk to South Tawton Parish and will post it on the website. ACTION: CLLR BELL
7.3 Annual Cycle of Business and reports by local organisations – Clerk had prepared an annual calendar of her functions from month to month and matters to be considered at Council meetings each month. This gave a clear indication of when busy times of the year are. With that in mind, Cllr Murrell suggested that local organisations attended meetings each quarter and at the Annual Parish Meeting rather than each month. They could attend on a month where there is less other business to discuss. Cllr Cruse not happy to have presentation at APM as this could take an hour to hear from them all.
Cllr Moore felt the presentations had been successful as the PC had had chance to engage with the groups and this is one of the roles of a PC. Cllr Cruse agreed and referred to the assistance now being given to St Mary’s Church following their presentation in December. Cllr Moore agreed that it was sensible for representations to be made quarterly and maybe more than one group could attend at a time. However, the APM was already long with weighty reports from DNP and WDBC.
Cllrs Murrell and Bell felt that a general invitation to attend should be put on the website or in a newsletter. Only those who ask to come to a meeting will then be scheduled to attend.
Cllr Cruse proposed the Quaker Burying Ground attends the meeting in March and Imagemakers possibly in July. Seconded by Cllr Matthews and Cllr Bell.
7.4 Review of Standing Orders and Grant Giving Policy – These had been reviewed by Cllr Cruse, Cllr Moore and Clerk. Cllr Cruse went through the amendments. Note to Clerk to email agendas to DNP and WDBC representatives. Proposal to accept amended policies by Cllr Cruse. Seconded by Cllr Moore.

7.5 Agree internal auditor – Clerk advised that David Youle will act as internal auditor. She will pass the necessary paperwork to him after the end of March.
7.6 ROSPA Inspection of Playground Equipment – Clerk confirmed this had been booked for March.
7.7 Transparency Fund Balance – Clerk’s report circulated prior to meeting set out the balance of the funding and suggestions for future work needed on the website. Cllr Bell proposed £65 to be spent from funding on domain and website hosting fees. Also proposed £375 for fees by website owner, to re-design Parish Council pages. Seconded Cllr Murrell. b/f to March for ideas for re-design. Also to discuss whether PC should take over running of the website. ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR BELL
442/8 – Chair’s actions
Chair’s report circulated prior to meeting and is available:Chair’s report Feb 17
442/9 – Correspondence received/Dates to note
8.2.16 – Lengthsman visit – Clerk reported that Highways had acted very promptly to her requests for gully/drain areas to be cleared in Back Lane and Willey Lane and also for overgrown vegetation to be cleared outside the derelict house at the Eastern end of the village. A work gang attended on Friday 3 February to attend to these matters. The lengthsman then dealt with other areas on 8 February.

19.2.17 – Village work day – all parishioners invited to help.

16.3.17 – DALC SW Regional Conference – no attendance as nothing relevant on agenda.

10.10.17 – DALC AGM – await further details of agenda before considering attendance.

442/10     Items to be considered on March agenda:

Sticklepath 2025 – seating outside bus shelter – has been raised several times by a Parishioner. ACTION: CLLR MATTHEWS
Sticklepath 2025 – Councillors would like to see all PC action/decisions on issues raised in one document. ACTION: CLERK
Verges – comment from a parishioner that these can quickly look untidy – all to ensure they are cut regularly and to advise Clerk or Cllr Bell as soon as they look untidy so the first cut can be undertaken.

Cllr Murrell then tendered her resignation from the Parish Council. Cllr Moore extended his thanks, on behalf of the Parish Council, to Cllr Murrell for her hard work on various topics during her time in office.
Date of next meeting: 8 March 2017 at 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 21.40

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