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Meeting Minutes – 2017-11-01


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 1 November 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Cruse (Chair), Cllr Moore, Cllr Loader, Cllr Bell and Cllr Tansley
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
Members of the public: Yvonne Reason, Chris Darken, Lynn Daniel

451/1 Apologies
451/2 Approval of the minutes held on 4 October 2017.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.
451/3 Declaration of Interests
451/4 Co-Option of Parish Councillor
Lynn Daniel gave a brief introduction to herself and why she wished to be a Councillor. Cllr Loader proposed that Lynn Daniel be co-opted on to the Parish Council, seconded by Cllr Moore. Agreed unanimously. Cllr Daniel signed the Declaration of Acceptance.
451/5 Matters carried forward
5.1 Speeding vehicles/warning signs – Clerk advised she is still waiting to hear from Highways on whether they will install Pedestrian/Footway sign. ACTION: CLERK to chase
5.2 TAP Funding – Speed monitoring equipment – Cllr Moore has approached Drewsteignton PC for a joint application. He will attend their next meeting on 20 November, but this will be out of time for some funding avenues, such as TAP.
Cllr Moore had written to taxi firms regarding speeding and had 2 positive responses. Parishioners to advise Parish Council of any taxi firms they see driving irresponsibly.
Temporary signage was erected to advise motorists of the Carnival and Grey Mare Festival. This had a positive effect on driving behaviour, but there were still some drivers who did not recognise the speed limit and were unable to park responsibly.
Village Gateway Sign – Cllr Cruse advised she has not been in a position to approach other Parish Councils in time to apply for TAP funding. DNPA funding and “Just Do It” funding has all been spent for the year. She will consider other funding streams. She has met with a representative from Glasdon and circulated photos of different styles. Councillors and members of the public attending the meeting chose 2 preferred styles and Cllr Cruse will obtain quotes. An initial estimate was they would cost £1,000 – £1,500, each, including signage although we have been advised to shop locally for signage. They are made from plastic. Cllr Cruse to explore possibility of using wood. ACTION: CLLR CRUSE
Mr Darken expressed the view that if a Gateway was to be erected at the Western end of the village, a similar one should be erected at the Eastern end as speeding is a problem there too. Councillors agreed to fund-raise for two gateways.
Clerk to investigate planning situation. ACTION: CLERK

5.3 Okehampton Councils Together – Discussion around Emergency Plans – ours is up to date and has been reviewed recently. All attending councils encouraged to look at one another’s plans on their websites.
All shared concerns about traffic congestion in the town centre which is deterring shoppers from coming in to town. Rent on some shops has also been increased, resulting in shops considering whether to close. Okehampton Town Mayor will be approaching the relevant landlords to express concern.
New primary school – 3 trusts had initially expressed a view to run the school and a 4th has now become involved.
There will be a review of Eastern Links due to the lack of representation at meetings.
5.4 One Council Consultation – Clerk confirmed response had been sent and a copy is on the village website. There had been a low rate of response from the public to the consultation. However, West Devon results were 76% against and 24% in favour. 64% of parish councils across both authorities responded, with 49 against the proposal and 13 supporting it. Full details can be found at:
5.5 Hydrosnakes – Cllr Cruse confirmed the storage has been delivered and will be erected in the Devonshire Inn car park. Once it is in situ, more hydrosnakes will be ordered.

451/6 Planning
6.1 0406/17 – 42 Oak Tree Park – Conditional planning consent granted. Noted.
6.2 0542/17 – 15 Oak Tree Park – removal of porch and construction of bay window and canopy. This application had been received by the Clerk after publication of the agenda. However, the response date is before the next Council meeting in December. Cllr Moore proposed that the Council’s Standing Orders be suspended so that this application could be considered by Councillors. Seconded by Cllr Cruse. Councillors all agreed that they had no objection to the application.
Cllr Cruse suggested that the same procedure is adopted in similar situations, namely, if Councillors have no objection to an application and do not intend to call an extra-ordinary meeting, that a letter is sent to neighbours of the property in question so that their views can be ascertained. An extra-ordinary meeting can then be called if anyone wishes to object and ask the parish council to take their views into consideration. ACTION: CLERK
451/7 Finance
7.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Up to date figures for bank accounts as at 29 September 2017 – current account – £7,414.01, reserve account – £2,878.79 (bank statement for the end of October had not been received).
7.2 Clerk confirmed that she and Cllr Cruse were starting to consider the budget for next year. All Councillors to check through the current budget and consider any changes to expenditure next year. Clerk to circulate Asset Register for Councillors to check if any assets are likely to need repair or replacement. ACTION: CLERK
7.3 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (Nov) £146.90
Alison Cruse Hydrosnake storage (Argos) £206.94
Royal British Legion Wreath donation £ 25.00
Cllr Cruse confirmed that Peter Williams had advised that RBL stewards will stop the traffic past the village hall during the 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Sunday.

451/8 Matters Arising
8.1 Meeting Dates for 2018 – agreed meetings to continue on Wednesdays (except where indicated) – 17 January, Tuesday 6 February, 7 March, 11 April, 9 May (AGM and APM), 6 June, 18 July, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November, 5 December.
8.2 Back Lane – comments were received on the village website regarding the condition of Back Lane. Several queries related to the Village Hall and have been dealt with by a committee member. Cllr Cruse confirmed she has contacted Highways to tidy up Back Lane. Cllr Loader mentioned the street sweeper had recently been around the village but, as people were not aware it was coming, vehicles had not been moved. Clerk to check if Highways have a calendar of such works.
Street name signage – this is the responsibility of West Devon Borough Council. However, the Parish Council would not be pursuing this as very few roads in the village have street name plates.
White lines at corner/junction behind the village hall – Council will approach Highways about this as and when they are considering other road markings in the village.
8.3 Playing field – There have been complaints of dog owners walking their dogs on the playing field. Current signage is ambiguous and so Cllr Bell will put up new signage: “No dogs allowed”. ACTION: CLLR BELL
8.4 Belstone Parish Council TAP Application for Cricket Club – Cllr Cruse proposed application was supported, seconded Cllr Bell.

451/9 Chair’s Actions
Cllr Cruse had received a complaint about the condition of the footpath between the bus stop opposite the old school into the village. She has reported this to DCC. Clerk to chase for repair of footpath at the eastern end of the village past the derelict house. ACTION: CLERK

451/10 Dates to Note/Correspondence received
Devon Communities Together – Resilience event – 22 November
DNPA Forum – 24 November, 2.15pm, Parke, Bovey Tracey. Any parishioners who would be interested in attending on our behalf?
Invitation to join Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), cost £36pa. Councillors unanimously agreed they did not wish to join.


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 6 December 2017 – 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 8.50pm

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