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Meeting Minutes – 2017-10-04

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 4 October 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.

Cllr Cruse (Chair), Cllr Moore, Cllr Loader.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
Members of the public: Yvonne Reason

450/1     Apologies
Cllr Bell and Cllr Tansley. Noted that, with 3 Councillors in attendance, the meeting was quorate.
450/2     Approval of the minutes held on 6 September 2017.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.

450/3    Declaration of Interests

450/4    Co-Option of Parish Councillor
c/f to November as Lynn Daniel unable to attend meeting.

450/5   Matters carried forward
5.1         Speeding vehicles/warning signs – Clerk had response from Highways which indicated they may be able to install the “Pedestrians in Road” sign at the eastern end of village. Awaiting a final decision. If they do not then Highways will support us installing our own sign and will provide guidance on where to site the sign. They confirmed their Highway Maintenance Community Enhancement Fund would not be appropriate.
Councillors agreed, in principle, to proceed with the installation of the sign. If Highways will not install, the Parish Council will look to its budget for funding.
c/f November for response from Highways.
Cllr Moore confirmed that he had put an article in October’s Beacon reminding drivers of the speed limit through the village.
Mrs Reason mentioned that she sees a lot of taxis speeding into and through the village. This was something Councillors had also witnessed. Cllr Moore to write to taxi companies accordingly.
5.2     Eastern Links Meeting – Cllr Cruse advised she had attended the meeting on 14 September and was the only Parish Council representative present. PC Nadine Wilson will be returning as our community support officer. Cllr Cruse had discussions with Steve Jordan, an officer from West Devon BC regarding the One Council Consultation – see point 5.3 for further information.
5.3    One Council Consultation – indication given to Cllr Cruse by Steve Jordan was that the One Council proposal would go ahead regardless of feedback from residents, parish councils etc.
Cllr Moore had carried out research and had a conversation with Cllr William Cann. West Devon MPs must agree to the proposal. The merger is being proposed by Officers of both Councils as a purely business decision but there is opposition from some District Councillors. It is felt this isn’t best option and that alternatives have not been considered.

Cllr Moore’s report with his observations and proposals for the Parish Council’s response is attached to these minutes:  DM Report re One Council consultation
Clerk to prepare a response to the consultation. ACTION: CLERK
5.4    TAP Funding – Cllr Moore will discuss a joint application with other parishes at Drewsteignton Parish Council meeting on 16 October to purchase speed monitoring equipment to be shared amongst those parishes.
Tarka Trail – Cllr Cruse advises it is an unclassified road and so is the responsibility of DCC. Accordingly, it is out of the range for TAP funding.
Village Gateway Signs – will seek support from STawton Parish to our application. Cllr Cruse will ask Pam Matthews for information she had gathered on this topic. Proceed with TAP application if sufficient time. ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR CRUSE

450/6 Planning
6.1 0461/17 – Staplers, Sticklepath – repairs to dwelling. No objection

450/7 Finance
7.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Up to date figures for bank accounts as at 29 September 2017 – current account – £7,414.01, reserve account – £2,878.79.
7.2 Clerk confirmed that the external audit had been concluded satisfactorily and the relevant Notice had been posted on the noticeboard and website.
7.3 Ladywell – all agreed bulbs should be purchased to use balance of funds available. Surplus bulbs to be planted elsewhere in the village. Cllr Cruse will ask Pam Matthews to deal with this.
7.4 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (Oct) £146.90
Mrs L Rowlands Stamps £ 6.72
Emma Bell Inkprint – newsletter printing £ 34.75
Eddie Kingdom Grass cutting, verges, weed spraying £492.00
Grant Thornton Audit Fee £240.00
Hydrosnakes – Cllr Moore confirmed a further leaflet drop had been carried out to households at risk of flooding and more hydrosnakes have been distributed. Cllr Cruse proposed balance of funding to be used for purchasing storage and the balance on more hydrosnakes. Seconded Cllr Loader.

450/8    Matters Arising
8.1 Village Work Day – Cllr Cruse confirmed date arranged with Ian Brooker – 18 February 2018.
8.2 Leat Inspection/Clearance – Cllr Cruse confirmed date arranged with National Trust – 21 January 2018
8.3 TAP Application, STawton Parish Council for night landing site for air ambulance – Cllr Cruse proposed that the application is supported by us. Seconded Cllrs Loader and Moore.

450/9    Chair’s Actions
Faulty street lights at western end of High Street were reported by Cllrs Cruse and Loader as well as some parishioners. They are now working again.
Clerk to put link to: for residents to report highways faults direct to the County Council.
Flu clinics – Cllr Cruse has arranged for the medical centre to set up a clinic in the village hall. Date to be advised.

450/10   Dates to Note
Okehampton Councils Together – now 12 October
DALC AGM and Conference – Tuesday 10 October


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 1 November 2017 – 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 8.35pm

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