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Meeting Minutes – 2017-09-06

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 6 September 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.

Cllr Cruse (Chair), Cllr Moore, Cllr Tansley, Cllr Loader, Cllr Bell.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
Members of the public: Lynn Daniel

449/1 Apologies

449/2 Approval of the minutes held on 12 July and 17 August 2017.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.

449/3 Declaration of Interests

449/4 Matters carried forward
4.1 Speeding vehicles/traffic monitoring – Clerk confirmed that Sticklepath is now on the list for the SCARF process via DCC Highways. Cllr Moore explained he has spoken to Dartmoor Forest Parish Council Speed Watch. They would not lend out their equipment as they are regularly using it. They use radar handguns and a VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) and rely on a group of volunteers to man/move the equipment. They purchased the equipment following the SCARF process which took about 18 months to progress. Dartmoor Livestock Society also purchased 2 signs (they cost approx. £3,000 each). The signs are moved around a number of locations and the radar gun monitoring takes place at various sites. They also put regular articles in local newspapers, magazines etc to keep awareness high.
Councillor Moore’s report on Speedwatch can be found on the village website – Cllr Moore Report for 6 September
Cllr Loader pointed out that there is also danger from cyclists who ride through the village at some speed and you cannot hear them approaching.
Warning signage – Clerk had obtained a quote for supply of “Pedestrians in road” and “No footway for * yards” signs. We would need to arrange for installation.
Agreed following course of action:
a. Cllr Moore to write an article for the Beacon reminding drivers and cyclists of speed limit through village, hazards of no footpath along front of Sticklepath Garage and other general hazards. ACTION: CLLR MOORE
b. Cllr Cruse to approach other Eastern Links parishes for support for a joint TAP application for speed monitoring equipment and volunteers. Consider Whiddon Down (Drewsteignton PC) as they probably have similar issues with speeding. ACTION: CLLR CRUSE
c. LR to approach DCC Highways regarding the absence of a footpath by Sticklepath Garage, whether they would support and give advice re siting of a warning sign at that end of the village, together with a sign at the Western end of the village warning motorists and cyclists to slow down as the road narrows though village and vehicles turning. ACTION: CLERK
4.2 Dartmoor National Park – Local Plan Consultation – Clerk confirmed the response had been returned to DNP with some requests for a couple of amendments to the Settlement Profile for Sticklepath.

449/5 Planning
5.1 0286/17 Mount Cottage, Sticklepath – Conditional planning permission granted for alteration to roof, installation of 2 dormer windows – Noted
5.2 0406/17 – 42 Oak Tree Park, Sticklepath – Application for single storey extension. No objection.

449/6 Finance
6.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Cllr Cruse advised that there are still funds of £72.20 unspent from the Ladywell Project. For October’s agenda.
Cllr Moore explained that the walks leaflet had the wrong adverts shown. However, despite that inaccuracy, the information given for the walks themselves are correct. Cllr Cruse proposed that the leaflets were accepted as they stood. 2,000 have been printed. Once those have been used then the advert page can be reassessed. Seconded by Cllr Moore.
Agreed letter to Finch Foundry apologising for the error and refunding their £25. ACTION: CLERK
Balance of funds for walks leaflet to be kept for reprinting – Cllr Moore confirmed he has an editable pdf copy.
6.2 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary 2 months (Aug & Sept) £293.80
Malcolm Brewer Bus shelter repairs £ 25.00
Steve Matthews Wood – play equipment repairs £ 57.80
Eddie Kingdom Grass cutting (playing field/Billy Green) £240.00
DJ Stallion Ltd Defib Electrics (replace expired cheque) £ 55.00
Ged Fitzgibbon Walks leaflet printing £430.00
Councillors asked whether an invoice had been received from Eddie Kingdom for weed spraying as they are aware the spraying had been carried out recently in accordance with the proposals agreed at the Annual Parish Meeting in May. Clerk confirmed no invoice received – she will monitor.

449/7 Matters Arising
7.1 Sticklepath and Belstone School Charity – Former Councillor, Pam Matthews, was the Council’s representative on the above Charity. Cllr Tansley offered to stand as the nominated Councillor. Proposed by Cllr Cruse and Seconded by Cllrs Bell and Loader. ACTION: CLERK
7.2 Village Day update – Cllr Bell reported that the event was a great success and raised £1,217.47. There were new stands from STOCs, the Forest School and the Fireshow. There is a greater input from villagers and lots of volunteers. They plan to use the funds raised to purchase 2 x 5-a-side goals, amounting to £625 plus VAT. This was after researching ideas with fathers of children who use the park. She will order the goals next spring.
Cllr Cruse wanted to record the Parish Council’s thanks to Cllr Bell for organising and running the event.
7.3 TAP Funding – Cllr Cruse suggested the Tarka Trail between Sticklepath and South Tawton – very worn and uneven at this end. Consider joint application with South Tawton Parish. It is referred to in their walks leaflet.
Cllr Moore – Village Gateway signs. Cllr Moore and Cllr Cruse to speak to Ian Brooker as to funding available for any other sources. ACTION: CLLRS MOORE AND CRUSE
As mentioned in point 4.1 above – funding for speed monitoring equipment.
7.4 Flood Resilience Equipment – Balance of funding £525. Cllr Cruse confirmed Ann Verner-Jeffery is happy for storage facility in the pub car park. No need for hi-viz jackets. Cllr Cruse to progress this. ACTION: CLLR CRUSE
Ensure residents who need hydrosacks and snakes have them – advertise at next year’s APM. Emergency plan leaflet to go on Noticeboard. Leaflet drop to households. Cllr Bell to add information on website about the hydrosnakes and also how to sign up for flood warnings on the Flood Information Service. ACTION: CLLR BELL

7.5 One Council Consultation
Proposal by West Devon and South Hams Councils to join as one council. Cllr Loader had read some of the documentation – it would appear both Councils have a similar amount of considerable debt but, by amalgamating the 2 Councils, there would only be a saving of £500,000.
Cllr Moore concerned about the reduced democracy – the Council’s offices will be based in Tavistock and Totnes (the latter having very different needs to our area of West Devon). The proposal would result in less WDBC Councillors than South Hams so WDBC would have less of a voice. C/F to October.

449/8 Chair’s Actions
Cllr Cruse had been approached by a Parishioner who would like to see the standing stone at the bottom of the Stickle Path raised up out of the ground further so that more of the inscription could be seen. Cllr Moore advised that the Heritage Group have considered this separately, and their recommendation is not to move the stone.

449/9 Dates to Note
Eastern Links – Thursday 14 Sept – Cllr Cruse to attend
Okehampton Councils Together – now 12 October
DALC AGM and Conference – Tuesday 10 October


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 4 October 2017 – 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 8.45pm

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