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Meeting Minutes – 2017-06-14

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 14 June 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Bell, Cllr Loader, Cllr Matthews and Cllr Tansley.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
Members of the public: Mr Chris Darken, Mrs Yvonne Reason.
446/1 Apologies
Cllr Alison Cruse.

446/2 Approval of the minutes held on 17 May 2017
Cllr Moore proposed that the minutes were approved as an accurate record. Seconded by Cllr Matthews. Minutes to be signed by Chair.

446/3 Declaration of Interests

446/4 Matters carried forward
4.1 Bus shelter land ownership – Clerk explained Council has licence to site bus shelter on the land which is owned by former owner of Heather Cottage. Licence lasts as long as Council requires the land for a bus shelter. As work is being carried out to repair shelter rather than replace it, then no need to contact owner. Cllr Bell to approach Malcolm Brewer for his assistance to repair. ACTION: Cllr Bell
4.2 Repairs to play equipment – recent ROSPA Inspection highlighted some items of medium risk. Cllr Bell had obtained quote for replacement parts which amounts to £264 plus VAT. Steve Matthews has offered to do the work for no charge, Cllr Tansley offered his help. Cllr Bell proposed materials ordered at above cost, seconded by Cllr Loader. ACTION: Cllr Bell
Parish Council wished to express its thanks to Mr Matthews for offering to carry out the work.
4.3 Handrail for bridge behind Finch Foundry – Cllr Moore confirmed Dartmoor National Park are now in communication with Highways about the matter. He will raise it with Ian Brooker (Ranger) when he next sees him.
4.4 Road signage/speeding vehicles – Mr Darken had given Clerk information regarding equipment to monitor speeds of vehicles and to act as a traffic calming measure. Clerk had obtained quotes for hire/purchase. Agreed as Eastern Links meeting next week, this is a topic which could be raised – what do other Parish’s do/what have they tried/TAP funding for equipment/whether collection of data will influence police or Highways. Clerk to email Eastern Links Clerk. ACTION: Clerk
Lack of footpath/pedestrians in road at eastern end of village – agreed to contact Neighbourhood Highway Officer to enquire whether improvement of footpaths or signage could be carried out. Mr Darken also highlighted that the footpath above Copse is being pushed up by tree roots from the derelict house and, also, the path from Trafalgar Lodge up to Ford Cross has trees overgrowing the footpath. Clerk pointed out path from Trafalgar Lodge falls within South Tawton Parish. However, she will include this in her correspondence to Highways and advise S Tawton Clerk accordingly. ACTION: Clerk
4.5 Village Logo – 2 styles proposed at APM and circular design had most votes. Initially to be used on Village Walks Leaflet (DM to forward logo to Ged Fitzgibbon), Village Gateway sign, PC letterhead, newsletter. ACTION: Clerk and DM

4.6 Use of weedkiller – Cllr Tansley reported that at APM the parishioners present were content for the continued use of weed killer to maintain the fabric of the footpaths and eliminate trip hazards. His proposal was to continue this year with the weed killer already used by the contractor, but also to research use of Roundup ProBiactive 450. Seconded by Cllr Bell. Inform contractor to give us as much notice of application so we can post on Notice Board, website etc and to use signage where at all possible. ACTION: Cllr Tansley.
4.7 Village Gateway Sign – Cllr Matthews confirmed the next stage is to look at funding. c/f to July.

446/5 Planning
5.1 The Coach House, Back Lane – conditional consent for extension to porch. Noted.
5.2 Mount Cottage, Sticklepath – 0286/17 – Cllr Moore proposed that standing orders be suspended to consider this planning application which had arrived today and so had not been put on the agenda. All in agreement. Clerk explained Councillors had attended an almost identical application for this property in March, to which they had no objection. No parishioners had attended the meeting in March to put forward their views. This new application differed in that it is for 2 dormer windows in the roof rather than 3 originally applied for. Agreed no objection to the current application.

446/6 Finance
6.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Confirmed current account balance £5,028 and reserve account £2,878.
6.2 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary 1 month (June) £146.90
Mrs L Rowlands Envelopes £ 1.50
6.3 Approval and signature of Annual Governance Statement – approved and signed.
6.4 Approval and signature of Annual Accounting Statement – approved and signed.
6.5 Period for exercise of public rights to inspect accounts – agreed Mon 19 June to Fri 28 July.

446/7 Matters Arising
7.1 Review of Complaints Policy and Freedom of Information Policy – amended policies circulated. Cllr Tansley proposed policies accepted, seconded Cllr Matthews.
7.2 Items for village newsletter – village logo, defibrillator, pavilion, dog mess (thanks to dog owners who do pick up), village work day, Ladywell, parking across drop kerbs. Events – Village Day, Flower Show. Village shop article. Post Office consultation, pavilion. All contributions to Clerk who will edit newsletter. Bring back to July meeting, deadline for publication, 19 July.
7.3 Pavilion – Clerk confirmed Certificate of Completion of Work issued by Building Control. Cllr Bell to take photos of completed, landscaped pavilion.

446/8 Chair’s Actions
Chair regretted he was unable to attend DNP Workshop on next stage of Local Plan consultation. He will ask DNP for any notes from the meeting.

446/9 Dates to Note
Community Resilience Forum – no one able to attend but little of interest on agenda.
Eastern Links – Thursday 22 June. Cllr Moore to attend. Action: Cllr Moore
Village Day – 5 August – noted

446/10 – Correspondence received
Seafarers UK – Merchant Navy Day – 3 September 2017 – noted. Cllr Moore to inform Devonshire Inn in case they wish to fly Royal Ensign.
CPRE – Our Outdoors Competition – alternative to Best Kept Village Competition – limited prizes. Noted.
Post Office – Consultation on reduced opening in Sticklepath and Belstone. Has been publicised on website and leaflets in village hall.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12 July 2017 – 7.30pm
Meeting finished at 8.46pm

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