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Meeting Minutes – 2017-05-17

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 17 May 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.

Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Cruse, Cllr Bell, Cllr Loader, Cllr Matthews and Cllr Tansley.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk)
Members of the public: Mr Chris Darken, Mr David Mallett and Mrs Patricia Mallett

445/1    Apologies


445/2    Election of Chair

Cllr Moore stood down as Chair.  Cllr Cruse wished to record her thanks for all the hard work he had put in for the Parish Council over the last year.  Having been in the same position herself in the past, she appreciated what is involved in the role of a Chairperson.

Cllr Matthews advised that, due to pressure of other commitments, she would be stepping down as a Councillor as soon as the current vacant position was filled.

There being no other volunteers for the position of Chair, Cllr Matthews proposed that Cllr Moore remain as Chair until the next meeting on 14 June.  The position could then be assessed in the meantime.  Cllr Cruse seconded the proposal.

445/3    Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Moore read and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

445/4    Election of Vice-Chair

Cllr Cruse confirmed she was happy to stand as Vice Chair again.  Proposed by Cllr Moore, Seconded by Cllr Matthews.

445/5    Declaration of Interests

Cllr Bell declared an interest in the Planning matter.

445/6    Approval of the minutes held on 5 April 2017.

Cllr Moore proposed that the minutes were approved as an accurate record.  Seconded by Cllr Matthews.  Minutes signed by Chair.

445/7    Planning – Cllr Bell left the room during this item

7.1 – 0491/16 Appeal against planning conditions, Foxlands, Willey Lane, Sticklepath

Clerk set out that Mr and Mrs Mallett had been granted planning permission to build an extension to their property.  The Parish Council had no objection to the application.  The permission granted by DNPA was subject to conditions.  Mr and Mrs Mallett are appealing against those conditions, in particular, that they cannot install any roof windows in the extension.  Mr and Mrs Mallett explained their reasons for the extension and why they wished to have roof windows.

Councillors still had no objection to the plans for the extension and would support the appeal for the following reasons:

·         It was appropriate development for this type of dwelling and this part of the village

·         The extension will provide office space for the farming business and so will be supporting this local business

·         The planning conditions are inappropriate – the proposed extension matches the existing design of the property, it has no impact on neighbouring properties or the heritage of the village.

Clerk to write to the Planning Inspectorate accordingly.

7.2 – 0091/17 – Mount Cottage, Sticklepath – Planning application withdrawn – noted

0158/17 – Extension to porch, The Coach House, Back Lane – more detailed drawings submitted – noted


445/8 – Actions carried forward

8.1        Liaison with National Trust – Cllr Moore had received a positive response from the National Trust Manager.  This confirmed that the National Trust will engage with the Parish Council in action they plan to take at Finch Foundry.  However, nothing specific will happen until 2018 when further consideration is given to their Conservation Management Plan which has recently been completed.  Parish Council lead to take this further to be considered at meeting on 14 June.

8.2        Village Gateway Sign – c/f to 14 June.

8.3        Bus shelter – Agreement that repairs should be carried out to the bus shelter to restore it to good condition rather than proceed with purchase of a new shelter.  However, the situation regarding the land on which the bus shelter is situated needs to be investigated further.  ACTION: CLERK

445/9 Finance 

9.1        Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting.

9.2        Annual Accounts – These were approved by the Council – Proposed by Cllr Cruse, Seconded by Cllr Tansley.

9.3        The following payments were approved:

Mrs L Rowlands           Salary 1 month (May)                   £146.90

Mrs L Rowlands      Refreshments APM and Auditor      £  17.05

Mrs L Rowlands         Postage stamps                                 £    6.72

Came and Co          Insurance premium                             £406.26

Clerk reported that Craig Guscott had finished the flooring of the pavilion and most of the landscaping.  His final invoice had been presented and a cheque raised for payment as approval for this expenditure had already been given by Council at its meetings of 15 June and 9 November 2016.  An anonymous donor had paid £1,000 of Mr Guscott’s invoice.  The Parish Council wished to note its thanks to this donor.

445/10 –  Correspondence received/Dates to note

DNPA Local Plan Consultation has now moved on to its next phase and a workshop has been arranged for 12 June.  Cllr Moore to attend.


Date of next meeting:    Wednesday 14 June 2017 – 7.30

Meeting finished at 8.30pm


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