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Meeting Minutes – 2017-01-11

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 11 January 2017 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.


Cllr Moore (Chair), Cllr Cruse, Cllr Loader, Cllr Murrell, Cllr Bell and Cllr Matthews.

In attendance:

Lois Rowlands (Clerk)

Members of the public:  Derek Webber (Dartmoor National Park representative), Mr C Darken

441/1 Apologies

Cllr Tansley

441/2 Approval of the minutes held on 7 December and 21 December 2016.

Cllr Murrell proposed that item 441/2 in the draft minutes of the meeting of 7 December is amended to read:

“Cllr Murrell raised the point that the details of the DNP Local Plan consultation should be put on the village website to encourage residents to participate. This had been omitted from the minutes and, as a result, not actioned.  Clerk confirmed she would action this.  ACTION: CLERK.  The minutes were signed.”

441/3 Declaration of Interests


441/4  Representations from parish organisations – Sticklepath Village Hall

As Parish Council representative on the Village Hall Committee, Cllr Bell confirmed that all was going well with the village hall.  New, cost effective heaters had been put up in the hall.  The Villages In Action, Magic Night was a big success and raised approximately £350.  They are planning to run a couple of events each year, but funds are generally healthy and they are able to cover building maintenance/running costs, together with a healthy contingency fund.  Private hire use, eg for childrens’ parties, has increased, and this is helped by the fact that a new, bigger oven was installed which allows users to cook food for the party on site.  No complaints from user groups.  However, only 2 or 3 user groups are represented at their AGM.  They meet quarterly and, ideally, a representative from each user group should attend as the Village Hall welcomes the user’s input.  Cllr Bell confirmed the hall is not, currently, in need of assistance from the parish council.

441/5 Actions from last meeting

5.1 – Playing Field Pavilion

The pavilion funds stand at £6,666.42.  The roof invoice will be £6,600 (however the VAT element can be reclaimed).  The block pavers still need to be laid, the area around the pavilion landscaped and guttering fitted.

The build requires an additional £1,052 to complete the flooring and landscaping.  Guttering materials and style is still being discussed by the Playing Field Committee and the architect. Building Inspector will not sign off until guttering is in place.

Playing field committee have a variety of fundraising ideas in place for the year ahead.  Cllr Bell is keen to keep the momentum going to finish the project prior to Village Day.

Cllr Bell proposed that, as the pavilion is owned by the Parish Council, some of its contingency fund is used to fund the block paving and landscaping.  She also proposed that this money is repaid to the contingency fund by 1 November 2017.  Cllr Murrell seconded.  Unanimous decision.  ACTION: CLLR BELL

Discussion then took place regarding use of the pavilion by the general public and an event to launch/open the pavilion.  It was felt no formal booking system should be in place for people wanting to use it on an ad hoc basis for a group picnic etc.  If someone wishes to organise a larger event, they should check with Parish Council that no other event is taking place.  Once pavilion is open an article will go in The Beacon, encouraging people to use it but to check with Parish Council if planning something specific.

ACTION: CLLR BELL to consider event to launch pavilion.

5.2 – Village Recorder/Volunteer role

Cllr Moore advised that as the demand for this position was not high, then this would be left in abeyance.

441/6 Planning

6.1 – 0585/16 – Methodist Chapel (now Wesley House), Sticklepath – Grant of listed building consent in respect of revised scheme to incorporate replacement lean-to roof, raising stone wall and amended extension footprint.  Noted.

6.2 – 0502/16 – Whitehouse Service Station – amendment to application and plans.  Amendment to layout and design including omission of new hotel from proposed scheme.  Councillors disappointed that outline planning application for hotel had been removed as this could have brought additional tourist trade to village facilities.

The amended plans show the car, HGV and caravan parking moving closer to Tongue End.  Reports regarding highways signage and speed limits had been included.  Councillors main concern was the level of noise nuisance to residents at Tongue End from HGVs which will be parked overnight with refrigeration units running, plus the early morning start-up of engines. Also, Councillors would like to see more energy saving equipment and the use of renewable energy sources.

Councillors agreed to support the application as the current situation at the services is dangerous and usage levels have outgrown the site.  However, they require restrictions as to no overnight HGV parking on the site.  Also a requirement that the developer demonstrates that they are meeting the sustainability objectives as set out in the DNPA’s Local Development Framework (Core Strategy Document).  ACTION: CLERK

441/7 Matters arising

7.1 – Asset Register

Cllr Bell advised that Marquees are kept at Willey Farm.  Otherwise, asset register approved.

7.2 – Donation requests

Clerk advised £250 in budget.  All agreed that written requests were necessary if the beneficiary was outside the parish.  They will need to demonstrate what benefit their service is to our parishioners.  However, there are organisations in the village who parish Councillors know are in need of funds or have made a worthy contribution to the parish.  Cllr Murrell proposed that STOC are approached to see if they have any particular needs.

All agreed donations finalised in January as this is near the year end when the balance of the donation budget can be assessed.

Following donations agreed:

CAB – £25

Quaker Burial Ground – £50

Okehampton Community Transport – £50.

All Councillors to consider local organisations who might require a donation or who have made a particular contribution to the parish over the last year.  ACTION: ALL COUNCILLORS

7.3 – Review of Financial Regulations

Final draft of reviewed Regulations had been circulated by Cllr Cruse prior to the meeting.  Financial Regulations approved.

Standing Orders to be reviewed February.

7.4 – Sticklepath 2025 – use of weedkiller

Cllr Murrell noted there were 2 responses to Sticklepath 2025 regarding use of weed-killer by the parish council. One stating they did not want it used at all because of the danger they believed it posed to their children, the other respondent asked if they could “opt out” as they did not want it used outside their property.

Cllr Murrell advised that a report from Kings College London published this week stated that damage to liver can be caused by much lower dosage of the chemicals contained in weed-killers such Round Up than previously thought. The report identified that the chemical can do harm at levels well below those permitted by EU and US safety regulations and the report suggests that use of weed-killer might be a greater risk to human health than previously thought.

Therefore, Cllr Murrell proposed taking this issue to the Annual Parish Meeting to gauge the feeling of other members of the community. The issues of seating and a communal garden could also be tackled at the same time. Seconded by Cllr Bell. Unanimous decision.

Cllr Moore suggested notice of weed-killer use being given, wherever possible, eg through the Beacon or on the village website. However, not always possible as visit by contractor is weather dependent.

441/8 Finance  

Part 2 business – The Council went into Part 2 business.

The Council came out of Part 2 business.

8.1        The following payments were approved:

Mrs L Rowlands                              Salary 1 month (January)                                   £146.90

WDBC                                            Dog and litter bin emptying                                £  44.58

8.2        Tenders for 2017/2018

Agreed contracts to be sought for grass cutting, weed spraying and bus shelter cleaning.  Financial regulations state tender process is only entered into for contracts over £1,000 and so Parish Council could approach current contractors without tender process being necessary.  ACTION: CLERK

Grass cutting – Eddie Kingdom – Proposed Cllr Bell, Seconded Cllr Cruse.  Unanimous decision.

Weed spraying – Eddie Kingdom – Proposed Cllr Cruse, Seconded Cllr Bell.  Unanimous decision. The consultation with residents over weed killer use will take place after the contract has been entered into.  Therefore, any decision from that consultation will take place from 2018/2019.

Bus shelter cleaning – Tracy Padfield.  Proposed Cllr Loader, Seconded Cllr Matthews.  Unanimous decision.

8.3        Precept

Precept request had been prepared by the Clerk.  Precept to increase from £4,274 to £4,485.  This will result in a 0.86% increase for Band D properties – parish council element of their council tax will rise by 24p for the year.

Cllr Cruse proposed the precept demand is accepted.  Seconded by Cllr Loader.  Unanimous decision.


441/9 – Chair’s actions

Nothing to report due to Christmas/New Year period.

441/10 –  Correspondence received/Dates to note

Leat Clearance day on 22 January.

Village Work Day – 19 February.

Date of next meeting:

8 February 20172017 AT 7.30pm               Meeting finished at 21.30



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