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Meeting Minutes 2015-01-06

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr V Loader , Cllr Malcolm Brewer, Cllr V Barns

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk),

422/4 Approval of the minutes held on 2nd December 2014

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

Part two notes were approved and signed as a correct record

422/5 Apologies

Cllr Philip Davies

422/6 Declaration of Interest


422/7 Action from last meeting

420/7 Willey Lane

Work has been agreed by Highway Department in two areas of the village.  The area outside The Orchard and Steddafords were identified for repair.  Money will be used from this year’s budget and next year’s budget. It was agreed item to remain on agenda to monitor progress. ACTION CLERK

420/9(b) 30mph sign

Awaiting response from Highways to email sent by Clerk. To review next month ACTION CLERK

421/10 Fallen Tree

Issue resolved. Tree was removed by Ian Brooker, DNP Ranger.

422/8 Asset Register

Minor repair work required on Silver Jubilee seat. Cllr Brewer has agreed to repair

422/9 Action bought forward by Chair

The Chair indicated that she had been contacted by a member of the community regarding dogs on the Playing Field. It was agreed that this matter has been resolved.

422/10 Matters arising

a)     Sticklepath Moor

The Council explored the list of registered commoners. It was unclear whether the rights were attached to the individual or the property. Cllr Barns felt it was unlikely that the rights were attached to the individual and that more likely to be attached to the property. It was highlighted that some of the properties were no longer single occupancy and it was suggested that it would require an examination of deeds to ascertain which part of the property, rights were attached to. It was agreed that a poster would be created and placed in The Beacon and around the Parish asking those who had grazing rights to Sticklepath Moor to come forward.  It was agreed to ask I Brooker to draft a poster and for him to attend the February meeting to discuss further action. It was also agreed that two known parishioners who are believed to hold grazing rights be contacted to assess their interest. Chair to ask I Brooker to action

b)    Grant application

Clerk presented grant options to assist funding for tree works in playing field. It was agreed that this was not necessary as work could be done within Tap Fund bid from one quote received. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact South Tawton Parish to ascertain their progress on work as part of the joint bid. It was agreed also that Clerk would contact both tree surgeons and inform them of the Council decision regarding quotes provided.  ACTION CLERK

c)     Housing Holmes Field

Chair will contact DNP and report in February

d)    Grant Giving Policy

The Clerk presented a draft of a Grant Giving Policy. It was amended by Council. Clerk to present changes at February’s meeting. The Council discussed general policy review and it was agreed the clerk would review policies for February meeting. ACTION CLERK

e)     Dog Control Order

Councillors had been forwarded information relating to WDBC Dog Control Orders. Cllr M Brewer expressed concerns at elements of the order. It was agreed that as consultation period was completed representations would be ineffective. It was agreed to observe the implementation throughout the Borough.

423/0 Finance

a)     The balances and budgetary figures were presented. The following payments were approved:

Mrs S Hood            Salary           £100.00

b)    Budget

The Council agreed the budget and precept demand. Clerk to submit.  ACTION CLERK

423/1 Planning

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission Erection of open sided pavilion, Playing Field, Sticklepath

423/2 Correspondence Received

Correspondence was made available to Councillors

Poster added to Village Hall Notice board

423/3 Date of next meeting – 24th February 2015

Meeting ended at 20.40

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