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Meeting Minutes 2015-03-31

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr V Loader , Cllr Malcolm Brewer, Cllr V Barns, Cllr P Davies

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Derek Moore

424/4 Apologies: Cllr E Bell

424/5 Approval of the minutes held on 24th February 2015

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record

424/6 Declaration of Interest None

424/7 Action from last meeting

420/7 Willey Lane

Clerk has received response from highways. The scheme has to pass through a vetting system and funding assessment. It is hopeful that the scheme will pass both and work can commence at some point during the summer. Highways will keep the Council informed. Agreed to place on agenda for July to check progress ACTION CLERK

422/10 (a) Sticklepath Moor

Notice has been placed in The Beacon. The Clerk has received no contact from interested parties to date.

421/8 Tree works Sticklepath Playing Field

Work has been completed. Clerk to send invoice to Sarah Packham WDBC with invoice from South Tawton. ACTION CLERK

423/10(g) Sticklepath  & Belstone School  Trust

Clerk confirmed that Trust had been informed of Council’s decision

423/10 (e) Grove Meadow Car Park

Clerk has received a response from highways. The highways department has not had any funding for non mandatory lining for a considerable time. If the funding situation improves it will be on the list of sites to do. The Council discussed the issue. The Chair has sent letters to local residents requesting they park respectfully. It was suggested that residents might consider placing a sign requesting the entrance remains clear for the access of emergency vehicles. Clerk to contact resident ACTION CLERK

423/10 (f) Playground Inspection

Playground inspection has been carried out and report received. Council discussed extensive report.

424/8 Asset Register

Cllr Brewer confirmed he had painted the front of the bus shelter

424/9 Action bought forward by Chair

a)     Chair confirmed she had written to STOC to thank them for the work they had done this year.

b)    The Chair had received a letter regarding issues arising from the fish ladders. The Council agreed to open up the Leat Working Party meeting on the 14th May to all riparian owners of the Leat. It was agreed that this would be advertised in The Beacon and website. Clerk to place notice in beacon, website and book village hall for the meeting at 14.00 ACTION CLERK

c)     The Chair informed the Council that she would be stepping down as Chair at the Annual General meeting and she invited Councillors to consider the position for the May meeting.

d)    Annual Parish Meeting

The Chair invited Councillors with specific interest to consider a report for the Annual Parish meeting. Cllr Barns agreed to provide a report for the Eastern Links, Cllr Brewer on the Asset register and annual rainfall and Cllr Davies on the Leat and emergency planning.

424/10 Matters arising

a)     Parish Assets

The Council agreed the Parish Assets for the year 2014/15

b)    Eastern Links

Cllr Barns gave an update on the recent meeting

Discussion was held about LINK boundary changes. The current boundaries have been in place for a long time. It was felt that the Eastern Link worked well. Further discussion would be held after the Southern and Northern meetings. Council discussed the division between Okehampton Town Council and Okehampton hamlets. It was argued that this was outdated and inefficient.

Steve Jorden.  Head of Paid Services and Executive Director for Strategy and Commissioning for the Councils  has been in post for a month. Delivery of services is now going to be customer focused.

Cllr Barns will not be standing at the election and the Chair invited Councillors to consider attending eastern link meeting in the future. They are held 4 times a year.

c)     Meeting Dates

It was agreed to hold the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General meeting on the same evening. The Annual General meeting to commence at 6.00pm.The Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30 pm. Clerk to book hall for both meetings and to advertise in Beacon and village website ACTION CLERK

425/0 Finance

a)     The balances and budgetary figures were presented. The following payments were approved:

Mrs S Hood                    Salary                                                        £100.00

Cllr Brewer                     Repair of Silver Jubilee seat                      £30.89

Citizen’s Advice Bureau                                                                    £25.00

Burying Ground                                                                                 £25.00

Okehampton District Community Transport Group                           £50.00

Jack & Jill Playgroup                                                                         £25.00

DALC                           Membership                                                  £95.92

Play safety                   Annual inspection                                          £99.60

Ian Brett                       Tree works                                                    £600.00


b)    Tenders

Clerk confirmed that all parties had been contacted. It was agreed that Clerk would contact Mr Sanderson to discuss optimum time for weed spraying and confirm that he was still happy to hold the agreed quote from last year. ACTION CLERK

Chair expressed her intention to contact members of the community who kindly attend to the area around the Jubilee seat and thank them for their time and contribution. ACTION CHAIR

The Clerk expressed her intention to thank Mr D Wakley for his contribution as snow warden ACTION CLERK

c)      Audit

Clerk confirmed David Youle has agreed to be internal auditor for the Parish.

425/1 Planning

a)     Tree works Holmes Field Response noted from DNPA

b)     Tree works Sticklepath playing field Response noted from DNPA

425/2 Correspondence Received

Correspondence was made available to Councillors

425/3 Date of next meeting – Wednesday 13th May 2015

Meeting ended at 21.00

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