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Meeting Minutes 2015-11-25

Present: Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Tania Murrell, Cllr Derek Moore

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Lois Rowlands, Members of the general public

428/0 Apologies Cllr P Davies

428/1 Declaration of Interests

Cllr D Moore declared a pecuniary interest in item 7.2

Cllr P Matthews declared a personal interest in item 7.1

Cllr T Murrell declared a personal interest in item 7.1

428/2 Approval of the minutes held on 23rd September 2015

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

The Chair decided to consider planning items at beginning of the meeting

428/3 Planning

Cllr Moore left the room

0589/15 Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic curtilage for provision of off road parking at Bridge House, Sticklepath

Council agreed unanimously to approve application as it was an improvement on the current situation

Cllr Moore returned to the room

Cllr P Matthews and Cllr Murrell left the room

0582/15 Single storey rear extension at Cranham, 11 Oaktree Park, Sticklepath

Council agreed unanimously to approve application

Cllr P Matthews and Cllr Murrell returned to the room

428/4 Action from the last meeting

I.        Dog fouling

It was reported that there continues to be a slight improvement to the situation. Cllr Davies has produced laminated posters. Cllr Moore will position in appropriate areas. Cllr Moore reported that a concern had been raised by a member of public regarding the bin behind Finch Foundry not being emptied. WDBC contacted and the bin was emptied two days later ACTION CLLR MOORE

II.        Defibrillator

The Clerk informed council that she had received a response from South Tawton; they had not received confirmation of a TAP application for a village defibrillator. A defibrillator was discussed and it was agreed that Cllr Cruse would explore the options for funding a unit in Sticklepath  ACTION CLLR CRUSE

III.        Policies.

It was resolved to adopt Freedom of information, Financial Regulations and Complaints Procedure to be reviewed annually.

IV.        Ladywell pipe

The Chair had attended a recent highway surgery to discuss the issue of the blocked pipe at Ladywell. It has transpired that the Highway Department had put in a rodding eye in the past and restored the flow of water Martin Stoddart (Highway Department) would be contacted to see if he had further information as to its position. It was agreed that the Chair would continue to follow this up ACTION CHAIR

V.        Ladywell, general improvement

The Chair expressed an intention to organise a small group of volunteers to consider ways of improving this area of the village. It was agreed that this should be placed on agenda for March 2016 ACTION CLERK

VI.        Data protection

Clerk informed council that she had not registered with information commissioner.

VII.        Road warden scheme

The Chair informed council she had spoken to Highway Department at the recent Highway Surgery. She was informed that the road warden scheme was designed for larger parishes that wished to take greater control. It was not mandatory and the highway department would continue to offer a service to smaller parishes.

VIII.        Transparency Code.

Cllr Murrell outlined the decision for council to make to ensure that the council works towards compliance for the transparency code. The council could upgrade the current village website to facilitate the needs of the council with a cost of approximately £350.00 – £400.00 or create a new website for the council with a cost of £1,000. There is funding available from NALC for small councils to accommodate the new transparency code. Following a discussion around the current and future needs of the council it was resolved to upgrade the current website. Cllr Murrell will make an application for funding from NALC. It was agreed that this should include training costs to ensure members of the Council and Clerk can access and manage the website. ACTION CLLR MURRELL

428/5 Matters arising

I.        Village works day

It was agreed Village works day should be on January 24th 2016. Meeting at 10.00 am at STOC shed Finch Foundry and 10.15 at Sticklepath Moor.

II.        Clerk’s resignation and update

The Council accepted the clerk’s letter of resignation and formally proposed a vote of thanks for the service she has put in. The council welcomed the newly appointed clerk Lois Rowlands her contract commencing on 25th November 2015.

The Chair also took the opportunity to express the Councils condolences to the family of Ann Bowden who sadly passed away recently. The Chair wished to recognise the great contribution Ann had made to the Council, becoming the first Chair of the newly formed Sticklepath Parish in the 1980’s and for her work in the community as a whole.

 428/6 Finance

I.        Balances and Budgetary figures were tabled

II.        The following payments were approved

Mrs S Hood                                                                      Salary     2 months                             £200.00

West Devon Borough Council                                          Bin emptying & seat hire                   £34.54

Cllr P Matthews                                                                Printing of newsletter                         £16.50

Royal British Legion                                                         Wreath                                               £25.00

III.        Donations.

It was agreed to consider the request for donations in the New Year with the exception of payment for Remembrance wreath. It was resolved to make a donation for the remembrance wreath of £25.00

IV.        Budget

Council went in to Part 2

The council discussed the budget as presented by the Clerk

The Council came out of part 2 business

428/7 Correspondence

The Correspondence was made available to Council

Date of next meeting –  6th January 2016

Meeting ended at 21.45

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