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Meeting Minutes 2015-02-24

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr V Loader , Cllr Malcolm Brewer, Cllr V Barns, Cllr P Davies

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Ian Brooker DNP Ranger

423/4 Apologies None

423/5 Approval of the minutes held on 6th January 2015

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record

423/6 Declaration of Interest None

423/7 Action from last meeting

420/7 Willey Lane

Work has not commenced as yet and residents have not been contacted regarding any imminent start date. Clerk to contact Highways regarding start date. ACTION CLERK

420/9(b) 30mph sign

Email received from Highways with apologies. Sign has been repositioned.

422/10 (a) Sticklepath Moor

Ian Brooker has drafted a notice. It was agreed by Council that this will be placed on notice board and in The Beacon. The deadline for interested parties would be the end of May. Grazing would ideally start 1st July 2015.Concern has been raised that this may result in an increased level of grazing and this may have a detrimental impact on the moor. Ian Brooker stated that only commoners with registered rights for Sticklepath Moor will be eligible to show interest regarding future grazing and that if there was increased demand then a Commons Association may be required ACTION CLERK

421/8 Tree works Sticklepath Playing Field

The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted both tree surgeons and informed them of the Council’s decision. The Clerk had made an application to DNPA for a notice to carry out works within the conservation area. The Council were contacted by South Tawton with regards to access to funds from the joint TAP fund application. Information had been provided to South Tawton who were in negotiations with West Devon Borough Council.

422/10 (c) Holmes Field

The Council has investigated the option of house exchange in local needs housing provided through the 106 agreement. It has been confirmed that the right of residents with local need housing to exchange property overrides the local needs criteria of 106 agreements. The Council discussed whether this was made clear during original discussions on 106 agreement.

422/10 (d) Grant Giving Policy.

It was resolved to adopt the grant giving policy. Clerk will include copy to all recipients of donations this year and policy will be posted on website. ACTION CLERK

423/8 Asset Register

Cllr Brewer confirmed that he had repaired 3 seat spars on the Silver Jubilee seat and replaced beading on the bus shelter. The Chair on behalf of the Council thanked Cllr Brewer for this.

423/9 Action bought forward by Chair None

423/10 Matters arising


a)     The Council held a discussion on the request for donations that had been received this year. It was resolved to make donations to:

Citizen Advice Bureau                                                                              £25.00

Royal British Legion                                                                                 £25.00

Burial Ground                                                                                           £25.00

Jack & Jill Playgroup                                                                                £25.00

Okehampton District Community Transport Group                                  £50.00

b)    Council Policies

It was agreed that Clerk should work to ensure Council held the relevant policies and that these be reviewed annually in July.

c)     Election

The Clerk had provided Councillors with the timetable for election process. Nomination forms will be delivered to Parish by Clerk as soon as received. The process of nomination was discussed. Cllr Barns & Cllr Brewer both confirmed that they did not intend to stand for election this year. The Chair on behalf of the Council thanked them both for their contribution to the Council and community.

d)    Meeting Dates

The Clerk presented Council with a calendar that accommodated bi monthly meetings. A discussion was held about the benefits and disadvantages to bi monthly or 6 weekly meetings. The Council resolved to hold meetings bi monthly with extraordinary meeting as required. Adjustments were made to the calendar. It was resolved to commence bi monthly following the March meeting.




e)     Car Park Grove Meadow

Concerns have been raised with the Council by a resident of Grove Meadow. There is concern that access for emergency vehicles is at times prohibited by cars parked in the external car park to Grove Meadow. The Council were unable to ascertain the legal ownership to the land despite enquiry. A resident had contacted the Highway department some months ago but this was never followed up. It was agreed by Council that the Clerk would contact Highways. It was also agreed that Council write to residents in local area requesting they park appropriately within the external car park ACTION CLERK & CHAIR.

f)     Playground Inspection

Annual Playground Inspection is required. Clerk presented 3 quotes to Council .It was resolved to accept the quote received by RoSPA  ACTION CLERK

g)    Sticklepath  & Belstone School  Trust

The Council has two representatives on the Board of Trustees .Cllr Cruse term of office has come to an end. The Council discussed and resolved to nominate Cllr Cruse and Cllr Matthews as the Council representatives on Sticklepath & Belstone School Trust. Clerk to inform trust of Council’s decision. ACTION CLERK

424/0 Finance

a)     The balances and budgetary figures were presented. The following payments were approved:

Mrs S Hood            Salary           £100.00

Mrs S Hood            Stationary     £10.08

DALC                     Training         £30.00


b)    Budget

The Clerk confirmed that the precept demand had been submitted


c)     Tenders

The Council considered four quotes for maintenance work in Parish. The quotes include cutting of grass in Playing Field and Billy Green, the cutting of the verges in Ladywell and the cleaning of the bus shelters. It was resolved to accept the quote from Kingdom Tree Surgery and Landscaping to cut the verges, playing field and Billy Green. It was noted that the map Mr Kingdom had provided had incorrectly identified the area to be cut at Ladywell .The Chair confirmed she had contacted Mr Kingdom who agreed that the quote would not change with the correct area identified. Clerk to contact all parties to inform them of Council decision. It was agreed to include on successful bid the caveat that all contracts will be subject to publication under the new Transparency Act 2014. It was agreed that Cllr Cruse would be responsible for contacting contractor when verges required cutting and Cllr Loader for Billy Green. ACTION CLERK

424/1 Planning

Proposed Tree works Holmes Field. It was confirmed for the minutes that the Council had no comment to make

Proposed Tree works Sticklepath Playing Field.  It was confirmed for the minutes that the Council had no comment to make

420/2 Correspondence Received

Correspondence was made available to Councillors

420/3 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 31st March 2014

Meeting ended at 21.00

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