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Meeting Minutes 2015-05-13

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr P Davies

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Tania Murrell, Derek Moore

425/4 Election of Chair

Cllr Cruse proposed Cllr Matthews for Chair

Cllr Bell seconded proposal.

It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Matthews be elected Chair

425/5 Declaration of acceptance

Cllr Matthews read and signed the declaration of acceptance of office

425/6 Election of Vice Chair

Cllr Matthews proposed Cllr Cruse for Vice Chair

Cllr Bell seconded proposal.

It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Cruse be elected Vice Chair

Cllr Matthews was at this point too unwell to continue. The Chair for the remainder of the meeting was taken by the Vice Chair Cllr Cruse

425/7 Approval of the minutes held on 31ST March 2015

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

425/8 Apologies: Cllr V Loader

425/9 Declaration of Interests


425/10 Council Membership

Cllr Cruse proposed Tania Murrell to be co opted on to the Council. This was seconded by Cllr Matthews. It was unanimously agreed to co opt Tania Murrell

Cllr Cruse proposed Derek Moore to be co opted on to the Council. This was seconded by Cllr Bell. It was unanimously agreed to co opt Derek Moore.

Cllr Moore and Murrell signed their declaration of acceptance.

426/0 Action from last meeting

424/7 Clerk confirmed she had contacted Mr Baycock. She has contacted the Highways Department to inform them of the residents’ intention to erect a sign.

425/0 (b) Clerk confirmed that she had instructed Mr Sanderson to carry out weed spraying

425/0 (b) It was confirmed that  thank you letters have been sent for work carried out by snow warden and care of area around Jubilee Seat

426/1 Matters arising

a)     Dog Fouling from Surgery Cottage to the bottom of Skaigh Warren

Cllr Cruse confirmed that she had placed posters up to inform dog walkers of the dangers of disposing of dog bags in fields and this has been include on  village website. The National Trust are handing out leaflets with bags at Finch Foundry. It was discussed as to whether an additional dog bin might be beneficial. It was agreed that Cllr Moore would place a notice in the Beacon and seek comments from the community on the most useful site for a new bin. The Clerk to explore cost of new bin, installation, cost for emptying and criteria for WDBC in bin position. ACTION CLLR MOORE & CLERK

b)    Nomination of Parish Members for DALC County Committee. There were no nominations

c)     Nomination of Parish Members to Dartmoor National Park. There were no nominations

d)    West Country River Trust

Cllr Cruse confirmed that she had made representations that sympathetic planting of deterrent shrubs maybe an effective solution if sited on Mr Williams land

e)     Sticklepath Moor

Clerk confirmed that she had received no contact from interested parties. It was agreed to ask Ian Brooker to take up the matter of grazing with individual Commoners.

f)     Declaration of Interest

The Council agreed that Cllr Loader could sign the declaration of acceptance form at the July meeting.

426/2 Planning

a)     0193/15 Mill House Sticklepath Remove cement render on front elevation and replace with a lime based material.

The Council agreed they had no objection to this planning application

426/3 Finance

a)     The balances and budgetary figures were presented. The following payments were approved:

Mrs S Hood                          Salary                                            £100.00

Mr T Sanderson                   Weed Spraying                              £185.00

WDBC                                  Dog/litter bin emptying                   £ 33.54

Kingdom Tree Surgery        Grass Cutting                                 £277.42

b)    Annual Return

The Council approved the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2015 and authorised the Chair to sign the Accounting Statement and Annual Governance Statement in the Annual Return

c)     Parish Council Insurance

Council discussed two proposals for Parish Insurance policy for 2015-16. The Council agreed to the insurance policy from Came & Company and to take advantage of the 3 year long term agreement. The Clerk agreed to confirm with company that Parish marquees were included in policy and the type of coverage this included. .ACTION CLERK

426/4 Correspondence received

Correspondence made available to Council

426/5 Date of next meeting –  14TH July 2015

Meeting ended at 7.10 pm

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