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Meeting Minutes 2014-10-07

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Philip Davies, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Val Barns, Cllr Emma Bell, Cllr Malcolm Brewer

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Yvonne Reason

419/2 Apologies: Val Loader

419/3 Approval of the minutes held on 10th September 2014

Minutes were approved and signed as a correct record.

419/4 Declaration of interests

The council declared an interest in planning application 0526/14 Erection of open sided pavilion at playing field, Sticklepath.  The Playing field is an asset of the Parish Council and therefore holds a pecuniary interest.

Councillor Brewer declared a non pecuniary interest in 419/9

419/5 Action from last meeting

416/4 Crown lifting of trees in playground

Letter has been sent to Mr R O’Bryen

416/5c Risk assessment for volunteers

Clerk to continue work on this and present at next meeting ACTION CLERK

416/5d Willey lane

No response from Highways clerk to chase for November meeting ACTION CLERK

416/4 Walnut tree  

Chair reported that no known reason not to plant walnut in an area used by children. Tree to be obtained by STOC.

418/7b Tap Fund

South Tawton is interested in a joint bid for tree works. They have suggested a bid for £1,000 – £1,200. Quotes that Sticklepath Parish Council received were Mr I Brett £600.00 & Mr R O’Bryen £895.00. It was acknowledged that these were not like for like quotes. Mr I Brett quote included removal of the arisings while Mr R.O’Bryen quote included a full tree survey and a choice for removal of arisings.. Cllr Barns to work with South Tawton to produce an application for Tap fund

418/7c Traffic Survey

Chair presented data from the recent traffic survey It had been carried out over a two month period in response to concerns raised by parishioner about cracks in her property. The data indicated that large Lorries used the village at all times of the day and night. No specific haulage company was identified and it was not possible to ascertain vehicles eventual destination. A discussion was held around possible future action. It was acknowledged that as diversion for A30 it would be difficult to restrict large vehicles although a suggestion was made that a weight restriction could be imposed.

The question was asked as to whether any other properties had been affected. It was concluded that Chair would approach James McInnes County Councillor for advice as to the council’s next step ACTION CHAIR

418/7d Speeding

The Chair has received no response from Devon County Council to date

418/7e Road Closure  

The Chair has received no response from Devon County Council to date

418/7f Notice board

The bench has been moved to provide greater access to the notice board.

418/7g Planning

A pro forma has been developed for use at extraordinary meetings

419/1c Website 

Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, protocol for the filming and recording of parish meetings and Code of Conduct have been posted on website

419/2 Invitation to Civic service

Apologies have been sent

419/6 Asset Register

Nothing to report

419/7 Matters brought forward by Chair

Chair drew councils attention to community event held with Dartmoor National Park Ranger Ian Brooker & STOC. Work was carried out on Sticklepath Moor including drain clearance. The Moor will be not be grazed as it has been in the past and the Ranger asked that if anyone had cattle or ponies that they were interested in grazing on the moor to get in contact.

The Ranger will be attending the November meeting.

419/8 Finance

The balances and budgetary figures were presented. The following payments were approved

·         Mrs S Hood                                £100.00

·         Cllr M Brewer                             £8.00

·         Grass Care                                 £110.00

419/9 Meetings attended

Cllr Davies attended the Sticklepath Leat meeting on 17th September. He stated that the Village website worked well for advertising the meeting in addition to the leaflet drop carried out by Alison Cruse. Cllr Davies thanked her for the contribution.

The Sticklepath Leat meeting were introduced to Paul Gray the Community Emergency Plan Co-ordinator.

The new fish ladders, installed by Western County River Trust (WCRT) in 2013, may have affected the river flow and caused damage. Jackie Smith (WDBC) indicated that WCRT, whilst not admitting responsibility, were prepared to undertake repairs.

The National Trust had agreed to provide contact details for staff in case an emergency shutdown of the Leat was required. It was agreed that nominated members of the community would have the ability to call for the emergency shutdown of the Leat.

It was suggested in the meeting that annual clearance parties should be organised. It was highlighted by the Chair that STOC have annually worked on clearing the Leat but the task could not be completed due to lack of people. Greater community involvement was required to complete the task.

Major works were identified, the silt behind the main sluice gate needs to be removed as it has been built up and the gate cannot be opened. The road bridge into the Foundry field is considered too low. Kelly Bezer confirmed the National Trust is applying for funding to replace the foot bridge to Foundry Cottage. The sluice gate, by Albany House needs repairing and the overflow gate at Silverlake needs attention.  The Devonshire Inn has been flooded three times over the past winter.  The National Trust is going to repair the party wall between the Leat and Foundry Cottage.

The Chair thanked Cllr Davies for his work on this project The Council acknowledged the Leat as a village asset and part of the fabric of the community. Some council members raised concerns at the response of the National Trust following their commitments the previous year to work more closely with the village. It was highlighted by Cllr Davies that the Leat was a complex issue due to multiple ownership.

Concerns were raised about areas of potential blockage of the Leat . It was suggested that this could be raised with Jacky Smith (WDBC) or Kelly Bezer (National Trust)

A full copy of the minutes from Sticklepath Leat meeting will be available from the clerk once approved.

419/10 Planning

0526/14 Erection of open sided pavilion at playing field, Sticklepath.

It was agreed that as the land was in the ownership of the Parish Council that a formal comment was not possible. It was decided that a transparent statement should be conveyed to the planning team

‘as owners of the recreation area, we wholeheartedly support this application from the supportive fundraising group, and that the community is supportive.’

Planning Correspondence

0385/14 Grant of conditional planning permission at Silverlake, Sticklepath

It was noted that conditional planning permission had be given. The Council were made aware of the conditions for planning permission

0436/14 Grant of conditional planning permission for Heron’s Brook.

It was agreed that this was outside the parish and correspondence should be returned to WDBC   ACTION CLERK

420/1 Correspondence received

a)     The Parish had received a request for funding from Okehampton District Community Transport Group. It was agreed to consider this closer to the end of the budgetary year. Clerk to inform them of decision ACTION CLERK

b)    Letter from WDBC regarding Council Tax Support Grant to Town and Parish Councils Correspondence was noted

Electoral Registration – Attainer Poster. This was placed on notice board in village hall as used for youth club

c)     Invitation to Scout Hut opening ceremony- Cllr Loader has agreed to attend

420/2 Date of next meeting 12th November 2014

Meeting ended 20.50

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