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Meeting Minutes 2014-06-03

Present: Cllr Alison Cruse, Cllr Phillip Davies, Cllr Pam Matthews, Cllr Val Barns, Cllr Val Loader, Cllr Malcolm Brewer

In attendance: Sam Hood (Clerk), Emma Bell, PCSO Danielle Moore-Dunstan

415/1 Apologies None

415/2 Approval of the minutes held on: 14th May 2014

414/4 Costs of ground works was corrected from £15,000 to £1,500.
Minutes approved and signed as correct record.

415/3 Declaration of interests None

415/4 Actions from last meeting

411/10 Weed spraying – The Chair will contact Mr Sanderson to ascertain his interest in weed spraying this year

412/5 Emergency Flood Plan – Progress report made an agenda item for July

414/4 Playing Field Update – Pavilion plans have been discussed with DNPA

414/6 Matters arising – HGV access through village. The survey is being carried out . Cllr Loader has noted a number of lorries over last couple of weeks. She noted there is one lorry that consistently parks near the former Rising Sun area. She indicated further lorries were observed but that many were unmarked. In addition agricultural vehicles were using the road through the village.

It was suggested by PCSO Danielle Moore-Dunstan that the survey should be of at least 2 months and should include what sort of vehicles were using the village. PCSO Danielle Moore-Dunstan enquired whether there was a weight restriction. It was confirmed that there was not.

415/5 Asset Register
Cllr Brewer has made a repair to the gate hinge. It was agreed that works to the trim trail in response to the recent safety inspection were complete.

415/6 Matters arising
a) Report from Police – PCSO Danielle Moore-Dunstan gave a report to the Council. This was heard earlier in the meeting due to her work commitments and she left the meeting following her report.

Speed monitoring – she informed the council that there was only one area that was suitable for speed checks in the village. The position of the site follows a specific format. There have been some reports of speeding but she felt that evidence from the speed checks that she had carried out to date, did not bear this out. Cllr Brewer expressed concerns that drivers alter their speed when speed checks are in progress. Cllr Barns highlighted the evidence that speeding often is more predominate by local residents. PCSO Moore- Dunstan confirmed that this was the case. She confirmed that a driver would not be issued a ticket until his/her speed was in excess of 38-39mph. She also confirmed that during June there would be further checks to include drink driving. She enquired whether there might be a particular time in the day where speeding was more prevalent. It was suggested that around the start and finish of school.

Cllr Barns expressed concern that tickets were not issued for speeds above 30mph and below 38 mph. She stated that this was a significant difference of 8mph a 25% increase. PCSO Moore–Dunstan indicated that this was a Department of Transport decision.

PCSO Moore–Dunstan gave the Council an overview of her role. Her remit was to concentrate on community support and worked alongside a police officer. She highlighted that there had been some anti social behaviour in South Zeal and the local concerns around speeding. She highlighted the role of Ian Baggett Road Casualty Reduction Officer. Cllr Val Loader mentioned that two plant pots had disappeared from local houses recently. It was suggested that the owner file a report.

The team are working in Okehampton and the rural areas and will be targeting car parks in a scheme called Moor Watch raising people’s awareness of thefts from cars.

There has been an issue around drugs in Okehampton over the last few years. She raised the importance of the community being vigilant and reporting anything that appears unusual. She stressed the importance of the police building a picture and that can only be done with the help of the community. She encourages residents to use 101 phone number. There had been some difficulties with this number but this had been recognised and residents are encouraged to report difficulties so they can be quickly rectified.

She acknowledged the neighbourhood website requires updating.

Keeping Children Safe is a scheme where individuals who are concerned about the safety of children can access information about individuals and their convictions in relation to sex offences.

Community messaging Neighbourhood watch is no longer running in conjunction with the police. Individuals can register their details and they will receive an email or text informing them of police information such as missing persons or stolen vehicles.

Local Crimes
• Grievous bodily harm – North Tawton
• Attempted Burglary – Chagford
• Vehicle break in – Fernworthy
• Drugs warrant – Chagford

Cllr Davies drew the meeting’s attention to groups of motorcyclist that drove through the village at speed. PCSO Moore–Dunstan informed the meeting that it was difficult to take action on speeding retrospectively but that there was an offence of anti social driving. She advised residents that if they felt shock at the speed of vehicle they can report it. She indicated it was important to get as much of a description and as much of the number plate as possible. A S59 notice can be issued and if an offence is repeated vehicles can be confiscated.

Cllr Davies also raised the idea of a roundabout in Sticklepath as a traffic calming measure.

Crimes for Rural East 1st February – 6th March
• Burglary of dwelling – 2
• Criminal damage – 2
• Public order offence – 1

b) Parish newsletter – There was a discussion about whether the council wished to produce two newsletters or give more updates on the website and The Beacon. It was decided to produce one newsletter. Cllr Davies suggested that the council needed to raise the profile of the website and use it more frequently. It was suggested that something from the Police, Beating the Bounds and Open Gardens could be included in the newsletter. Cllr Barns informed the meeting that Image maker have offered to print the newsletter for the cost of the paper. It was agreed that council would produce a newsletter for mid July with contributions from The Chair, Emma Bell (Playing Fields) Cllr Brewer (assets & risk assessment) Cllr Davies (management of the Leat) with possible contributions from Ben Shapcott (Finch Foundry). Contributions will be sent to clerk for her to assemble ACTION CLERK

c) Plaque for Billy Green – A resident had drawn Cllr Brewer attention to the condition of a memorial plague dedicating a Cherry tree on Billy Green. The clerk shared costs from two sources. There was a discussion around whether the parish was responsible for the maintenance of the plaque and if the council did accept the responsibility would that lead to the council having to take further responsibility for future memorials. It was noted that there is a memorial bench in the playing field. The bench was funded, it was believed through grant funding. It was agreed that Cllr Brewer would speak with Mike Savage to discuss the future of the plaque ACTION CLLR BREWER

d) IT Training – The Chair has been in discussion since Annual Parish meeting to bring IT training to the village. She is in discussion around the most suitable day aiming for around September. There was a discussion around the possibility of internet access in the village hall. It was suggested that Tap funding maybe available.

415/7 Finance
a) Balance and budgetary figures were tabled. The clerk provided an alternative format for the monthly figures for the council to consider and feedback. ACTION ALL COUNCILLORS

b) To approve following payment
Grass Care (Grass cutting) £100.00
Mrs S Hood (Salary) £100.00
The Scouts(Donation) £30.00

The council discussed the donation to The 1st South Zeal Scouts. It was agreed to send a cheque specifying that the Council would like to see it benefit The Jamboree.

Insurance. There was a discussion around the council Insurance. The clerk informed the council that their assets were insured for impact only. It was felt that this was inadequate and it was agreed that ‘all risk’ was needed. This increased the premium above the Council’s predicted budget .It was agreed that the clerk would explore an alternative quote prior to committing to the insurance. ACTION CLERK

The council discussed the level of their current assets.
• Bus Shelters x2 £5,000
• Playground equipment £15,000
• Various to include stone seating, notice board and seat £2,933.00

415/8 Planning
0261/14– Proposed conversion of barn to holiday let and creation of new access, parking area and cartilage. It was resolved to recommend approval with the proviso that the Standing Stone was unaffected.

415/8 Matters raised by Councillors/clerk appropriate to the meeting not previously covered at the meeting.

a) Eastern links meeting – Cllr Barns informed the meeting that she was unable to attend the Eastern Links meeting. No other Councillor was available to attend.

b) Western Power – Western Power has sent the Council information for residents on what to do in the case of a power cut and the precautions that can be taken to minimize the impact. It was agreed to leave displayed in village hall for residents. ACTION CLLR BARNS

415/9 Date of next meeting
22nd July 2014
10th September 2014
7th October 2014-

The meeting closed at 21.351

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