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Meeting Minutes 2013-11-06

Present: Michael Allen (Chairman), Alison Cruse, Val Barns, Malcolm Brewer, Emma Bell, Celia Pitts, Philip Davies

In Attendance: Rachel Bertram (Clerk), Ben Shapcott (National Trust Finch Foundry Manager)

400/1 APOLOGIES: None


400/3  MINUTES OF 2nd October 2013Agreed and signed.

  • Actions: -VB attended the DALC AGM and collected relevant emails and pamphlets issued on the day relevant to producing a village Emergency Plan.


MA welcomed Ben Shapcott, (the new manager of Finch Foundry) to the meeting. Ben spoke of his wish for all parishioners to feel welcome at the foundry and for the property to become a focal point within the village. He asked for feedback from councillors and possible ideas for future use of the foundry by the village. The following ideas were suggested:

  • the possibility of using the foundry car park during village events,
  • improved lighting, signage and possible resurfacing of the car park,
  • safety improvements to the entrance/exit to and from the car park,
  • continuation of the use of the car park area for local events (eg. Fireshow),
  • extended seasonal opening hours; earlier during winter for tea room/shop?
  • possible funding available from NT to support local village projects?
  • extension of the cafe building with new toilets, with out of hours access to the community

Ben is keen to keep in touch with the council and return in the near future to discuss developments. He suggested the possibility of future new events being organised at the foundry and for the need for communication to ensure they do not clash with existing village events. He also spoke of his wish to have activities during the holidays involving local children.

The Council thanked Ben for attending the meeting and stressed that they are keen to have the village involved in any changes that may be forthcoming.

400/5 FINANCE:

Current Account: £ 2301.34
Deposit Account: £9014.42
Petty Cash: £9.03

Statement approved and signed.

Cash £50
Rachel Bertram salary (Oct) £100
WDBC Dog/Litter bins £26.05

Safari Supper £286

  • Millenium Seat £1 yearly charge paid
  • Cllr Emma Bell has been added to the bank account signatories list


MA has had a response from the EA regarding a new flood map which has redesignated the high risk areas within the village. The new map is available on the EA website. This should have a positive effect on insurance and house prices within the village. Flood plans are to be integrated with emergency and snow plans by Cllr Davies.


A large branch fell from the oak tree recently causing no damage. Thanks to VB for organising the removal of this by WDBC.


DCC will now salt only the primary routes within the village for this coming winter. Dave Wakley (snow warden) has pursued this with DCC who have informed him that they will not now grit Skaigh Lane, but that the salt bin on the corner is for use in this area. There are sufficient salt stocks to see the village through a period of initial snowfall, beyond this Mr Wakley will order further supplies. S.Tawton has possession of the jointly owned salt spreader, obtained by both councils through TAP funding. The village could negotiate for the use of this on secondary routes if necessary.


Cllr Allen has received positive feedback and thanks from the resident who requested the new drop kerbs at the entrance to Oaktree Park.


A discussion was had regarding the wreath donation to the Poppy Appeal on behalf of the village. It was agreed to pay £20 for the wreath as decided at last year’s precept discussion meeting.


Cllr Brewer continues to carry out monthly asset checks. No new problems were reported last month. MB repaired a panel in the gate which had become damaged during the recent bad weather. The new spring is functioning well.


VB attended the DALC AGM and has produced a planning briefing outlining the role of the parish council in the planning process. Due to the size and location of Sticklepath within a conservation area, much of the planning process is beyond the scope of the village. Larger councils have a proportionately larger input within the planning process. Although parish councils are consulted as part of this planning application process, their contribution is minimal.


Carried over for discussion at the next meeting.


  • Cllr Davies has spoken to Spreyton councillors regarding the requirements for obtaining a lit speed warning sign. Feedback suggests that in order to obtain signage there must be a history of road accidents in the location.
  • Emergency Planning Workshop, Cllr Davies has requested to attend. Clerk to book. ACTION CLERK
  • Senior Voice and Healthwatch publications were distributed
  • Victim Support and Okehampton District Community Transport Group have both written to request donations. To be discussed at the future precept meeting.
  • The clerk has received correspondence from the Highways Dept regarding a postponement to future publicised works until next spring.
  • Council wished to record their disappointment at the lack of information provided prior to the recent road closure at South Zeal. The change to bus services at extremely short notice greatly affected bus travel for parishioners. Cllr Allen is to write to the bus company. ACTION MA
  • The Police have been monitoring driving speeds through the village recently and had cause to speak to two drivers about travelling at 37mph.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday December 4th at 7.30pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9pm

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