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Meeting Minutes 2013-12-04

Present: Michael Allen (Chairman),Val Barns, Emma Bell, Celia Pitts, Philip Davies

Apologies: Alison Cruse, Malcolm Brewer

In Attendance: Rachel Bertram (Clerk)

403/1 APOLOGIES: None


Clerk granted dispensation to all Councillors to review the Parish Precept.

403/3 MINUTES OF 6th November 2013Agreed and signed.

  • Actions: – Clerk organised Cllr Davies’ attendance of the Emergency Planning Workshop.
  • MA telephoned the MD of Western Greyhound, Mike Howard, regarding the short notice given of the alteration to bus services through Sticklepath during the recent road works in South Zeal. Mr Howard stated that the company itself had had little time to act, as they themselves were given short notice of the roadworks. He will request that staff email the council with any future alterations to the timetable as soon as possible.

404/4 FINANCE:

Current Account: £ 2081.25
Deposit Account: £9014.42
Petty Cash: £59.03

Statement approved and signed.

Rachel Bertram salary (Nov) £100
S.Brownless £100


Cllr Brewer continues to carry out monthly asset checks. No new problems were reported last month.

404/6 PLANNING APPLICATION: 1 Grove Meadow

The householders plan to remove the existing conservatory and replace it with a single storey extension. No objections were raised. Clerk to reply.  ACTION CLERK


DNPA recently carried out a review of its enforcement service. One point that came out of this is the need to monitor residential developments with occupancy conditions attached ie agricultural dwellings, ancillary accommodation and holiday units. Under this scenario, a dwelling originally intended for the local rural community can be lost to the open market and this can then create pressure for additional ‘local needs’ development in the open countryside. This monitoring exercise is to be completed in phases, starting with agricultural

dwellings. The council have been asked if they would like details of any such properties within the parish. All present felt it would be useful to know. Clerk to reply. ACTION CLERK


The clerk presented the new model standing orders for adoption. Most sections were felt to be applicable to this council with only minor amendments made. Motion of adoption in principle proposed by Cllr Allen and seconded by Cllr Barns. Cllr Barns to review fully and present at a future meeting.  ACTION VB


Councillors entered Part Two business.

Councillors left Part Two business


Cllr Allen is unavailable to chair the Jan and Feb meetings. Cllr Cruse (vice chair) has indicated her willingness to stand in for MA during his temporary absence in Jan and Feb, but this will necessitate a change in future meeting dates as she is unable to attend on the first Wednesday of the month due to work commitments. The next three meetings will therefore be held on Wed 8th Jan, Tues 4th Feb and Tues 4th March 2014.

Cllr Allen, the current chairman, is due to move away from the village over the next couple of months. Although legally he can continue to remain a member of the council and to chair the meetings, he asked the councillors to discuss amongst themselves their views on him remaining as chairman.  ACTION ALL


  • A resident has spoken to the clerk regarding overflowing dog waste bins. These are currently emptied fortnightly by WDBC at a cost to the village.
  • The clerk has received two requests for donations from ODCTG and Victim Support.
  • A relative winding up the estate of the late Bert Stead has suggested a memorial fund to pay for the setting up of an archive from the local material Bert had accumulated. The monies from this potentially coming from the beneficiaries of the estate and being held by the Parish Council. For discussion at a future meeting after more info has been received.
  • The clerk has received information from the Local Government Boundary Commission regarding the current electoral review of WDBC. It is proposed to reorganise the ward arrangements for West Devon. The Boundary Commission would welcome any views, details available at .uk or on the noticeboard.
  • James McKinnes has contacted the council regarding roadworks in Sampford Courteney. Clerk to reply with thanks for being included in the decision process. ACTION CLERK

Date of next meeting: Wednesday January 8th at 7.30pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm


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