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Meeting Minutes – 2018-07-18

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 18 July 2018 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.

Cllr Cruse (Chairperson), Cllr Moore, Cllr Bell, Cllr Loader and Cllr Daniel.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
3 members of the public at the start of the meeting. 1 additional member of the public arrived later.

458/1   Apologies
458/2   Public participation
The public participation session is not considered part of the meeting and, as such, is not minuted.
458/3   Approval of the minutes of meeting held 6 June 2018.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.
458/4   Declaration of Interests
458/5   Matters carried forward
5.1 Co-option of Councillors – As no poll had been called by parishioners for an election, the 2 vacancies could be filled by co-option. Cllr Cruse proposed that Peter Grubb and Hilary Sales be co-opted into the vacancies. Seconded by Cllr Moore. All in agreement. Cllrs Grubb and Sales each signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Undertaking to Observe the Code of Conduct.
5.2 Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) – Cllr Moore confirmed that these would be delivered to Drewsteignton Parish on either Friday or Monday. Drewsteignton has reviewed the draft agreement and has made suggested amendments. They propose that SPC also insure the VAS to cover the periods we are using it. Clerk to investigate cost with insurers. Cllr Moore to circulate agreement to Councillors. Volunteers also needed for erection/movement of sign. ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR MOORE
5.3 Village Gateways – Drewsteignton PC will be making these from reconstituted plastic which is acceptable to Highways. They are likely to be finished in September. Again, volunteers needed to dig holes for foundations. ACTION: CLERK AND CLLR MOORE
5.4 Eastern Links Minutes – Cllr Moore proposed that these are placed on village website. Seconded Cllr Cruse. All in agreement. ACTION: CLERK
5.5 Refuse/recycling collection in Back Lane – Parish Council wished to express their thanks to Cllr Bill Cann for chasing this matter with WDBC. WDBC confirm that properties whose only access to a road is onto Back Lane will have no change to their waste collection service. Some properties which front the main road (but also have rear access to Back Lane) must present their waste for collection on the pavement by the main road. This is to enable the small, difficult access van to complete its full round before needing to be emptied.
5.6 Highways issues at Eastern end of village – Clerk has advised that no response has been received from Highways despite numerous attempts to contact them. She has now passed the matter to Cllr James McInnes.

458/6   Planning
6.1 Signage for Playing Field – Cllr Bell advised she has permission from Liberty Homes to erect the sign. DNP are suggesting planning permission is needed under their Advance Signs Policy. Cllr Cruse to investigate siting of additional sign on Steddifords’ wall ACTION: CLLR GRUBB AND CLLR CRUSE
6.2 0192/18 – 18 Oak Tree Park – noted conditional planning consent for rear extension.

458/7   Finance
7.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting.
7.2 Clerk confirmed that bank account opened with Lloyds Bank, mandate forms to be signed by signatories. She proposed funds in Nat West Deposit Account be transferred to Nat West current account. All in agreement. Letter to Nat West signed by signatories.
7.3 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (July) £168.88
Community Heartbeat Trust Training session £175.00
Westcountry Grounds Maintenance Grass cutting playing field, verges, Billy Green £456.00
Mike Johns Travel expenses £ 24.75

458/8  Matters Arising
8.1 Complaints Policy – approved and adopted.
8.2 Freedom of Information Policy – approved and adopted.
8.3 Standing Orders – approved and adopted.
8.4 Financial Regulations – approved and adopted.
8.5 Feedback from Community Resilience Forum – Clerk reported that Mike Johns had found this very useful.
8.6 Donation from Open Gardens – Approx £320 donated to Parish Council from Open Gardens. Cllr Cruse suggested that this was set aside for village enhancement projects, to incorporate the Ladywell Fund, less £50 towards defibrillator funds. Seconded by Cllr Bell.
In addition, the funds taken for teas at open gardens – £172, has been donated to the playing field funds.
Open gardens to be discussed at September’s meeting.
8.7 Village Day – Cllr Cruse wished to extend her thanks to Cllr Bell for all the hard work she has done for Village Day in the past and for organising this year’s event. Cllr Bell is considering “buying in” an act to give additional interest/variety to the day. Clerk to check whether insurance covers our liability to the act for their fees in the event of Village Day being cancelled. Clerk to also ensure cover for Village Day. ACTION: CLERK
8.8 GDPR – agreed Councillors to attend information session on 12 September at 6.30pm at the Village Hall.

458/9   Chair’s Actions
Cllr Cruse reported that visitors to the village were complimentary about the handrail by the bridge at the back of Finch Foundry.
She had received a complaint about a satellite dish erected on a property in the conservation area.
She had heard nothing further regarding container (and now a skip) in Bowdens’ Yard. ACTION: CLERK

458/9 Dates to Note/Correspondence received

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 12 September 2018 – 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 8.45pm

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