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Meeting Minutes – 2018-01-17

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 17 January 2018 at 7.30 pm in Sticklepath Village Hall.
Cllr Cruse (Chair), Cllr Loader, Cllr Bell and Cllr Daniel.
In attendance:
Lois Rowlands (Clerk).
Members of the public: Yvonne Reason, Chris Darken and Derek Webber (DNPA Representative).

453/1 Apologies
Cllrs Tansley and Moore.

453/2 Approval of the minutes held on 6 December 2017.
The minutes were approved as an accurate record and were signed by Cllr Cruse.

453/3 Declaration of Interests

453/4 Matters carried forward
4.1 Pedestrians in road/no footway sign – Clerk reported no update from Highways but Darryl Jagger will be meeting with relevant department on 18 January. Clerk to monitor for response. ACTION: CLERK
4.2 Speed monitoring equipment – Cllr Cruse proposed Drewsteignton PC and Sticklepath PC are to make a joint TAP application for a VAS. Application to be made by mid February. All in agreement. Clerk confirmed that Highways advice is for full SCARF process to have been completed to then assess whether VAS are appropriate. Darryl Jagger will be coming out for a site visit. Cllr Moore is progressing this. ACTION: CLLR MOORE
4.3 Village Gateway Sign – Planning – Clerk had spoken to DNPA – if we need to apply it will be a full planning application. Parish Councils get a 50% reduction in the fee. At present, if application is for signage/advertisement then full price is £100, if full application the fee is between £100 and £200. These fees will rise this week by about 20%. They aim to make a determination within 8 weeks. Cllr Cruse advised that Drewsteignton had obtained quote for Gateways of £200 for 2 Gateways. Cllr Cruse suggested that a portion of the funds raised by the Safari Supper are used for this purpose. She will discuss with the Safari Supper committee. ACTION: CLLRS MOORE AND CRUSE
Cllr Daniel advised that she had noted other communities along the old A30 route have 30mph through their villages, not just at each end. Clerk will investigate with Darryl Jagger – it might be that this signage has been identified following SCARF process. ACTION: CLERK

453/5 Planning
5.1 17/0074 – Tree works at 1 Brookside Cottage – Noted, no TPO placed on trees.
5.2 0542/17 – 15 Oak Tree Park – Noted, conditional planning consent granted.
5.3 0009/18 – Cleave House, Sticklepath – listed building consent for various works to property. This was discussed fully by Councillors at the December meeting. All agreed to support the application.

453/6 Finance
6.1 Clerk had circulated Accounts and Budget figures prior to meeting. Up to date figures for bank accounts – current account – £5,552.96, reserve account – £2,879.03.
6.2 Budget – Clerk advised that, following acceptance of budget at last month’s meeting, she had received the precept paperwork from WDBC. The level of precept required for the budget would mean an increase in the Band D Council Tax of 9.39%. As our parish precept is relatively low, any increase in the budget which is more than minimal has a noticeable effect on the Band D Council Tax. Clerk, Chair and Cllr Moore had discussed the budget further and suggested the reduction of the small maintenance back down to £200 from the £400 budgeted. This would then reduce the Band D increase to 4.88%.
Cllr Cruse proposed the revised budget was accepted. Seconded by Cllr Bell. All agreed.
6.3 Precept – with the revised budget, this will result in a precept of £4,648 plus Council Tax Grant of £123.
6.4 The following payments were approved:
Mrs L Rowlands Salary (Jan and back pay) £178.68
Mrs L Rowlands Printer Paper, bin bags (dog bin), diary £ 8.53
Emma Bell Sign for playing field £ 16.80
DALC New Councillor’s Course and book £ 33.49
Tracy Padfield Bus shelter cleaning £ 50.00
See 7.2 below for donation payments.

453/7 Matters Arising
7.1 Contracts for 2018/19.
Grass cutting – Eddie Kingdom had confirmed he will keep his prices the same for next financial year. All Councillors very impressed by standard of his work.
Weed spraying – Eddie Kingdom has confirmed he will keep his price the same for the next year.
Cllr Cruse proposed contracts are continued with Eddie Kingdom. All agreed.
Bus shelter – Cllr Cruse proposed contract continues with Tracy Padfield at the rate of £50 pa. All agreed.

7.2 Donations
Cllr Cruse proposed £50 each paid to CAB, Okehampton Community Transport, St Marys Church and StOC. All in agreement. This leaves a balance of £50 to be spent before the end of the year.

7.3 Asset Register
All in agreement with register as it stands. Councillors to be responsible for periodic inspection of assets. Clerk to add responsibilities to register and circulate. ACTION: CLERK
List of Parish Council’s responsibilities and asset ownership – Clerk has prepared this and circulated. Further information is required to complete it. Yvonne Reason asked about the bridge behind Finch Foundry which needs a hand rail for the steps. Clerk advised this is being investigated by Cllr Moore – at present Highways (who installed the bridge as part of the Tarka Way initiative) claim they are not responsible for its maintenance as do DNP. Cllr Moore to continue to pursue this. ACTION: CLLR MOORE

7.4 Financial Regulations
Reviewed and agreed.

453/8 Chair’s Actions
Cllr Cruse confirmed sand delivery to Devonshire Inn car park. She had delivered a Welcome Letter to the Grubbs at Cleave House. She had contacted Highways regarding the pool of water by the gate at the cattle grid on Skaigh Lane. They claim it is not bad enough to need repair.

453/9 Dates to Note/Correspondence received
Sunday 21 January – leat clearance
Wednesday 24 January 7pm – Okehampton Councils Together
Sunday 18 February – Village work day.

Date of next meeting: TUESDAY 6 February 2018 – 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 8.25pm

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